Ways to Increase Your Life Span

Nobody that is sane wants to die. Throughout history people have tried all kinds of different things to cheat death. The problem is that unless some miracle breakthrough comes around the corner that makes us all immortal, everyone is going to die. The key is to increase your life span as long as possible. There are things that we can do to increase our life span. Here are a few suggestions that have been proven to help promote a longer healthier life.

Own a pet. Studies have shown that people that own pets live longer than those who don't. Many believe this is due to the companionship that a pet provides. It is better to own a more active larger pet, like a dog or a cat. This forces the owner to do things that will increase the health of the pet, and likewise their own personal health.

Do challenging puzzles. Studies have shown that people that do logic puzzles, like a crossword or Sudoku live longer than those who don't. Researchers believe this is due to the fact that the puzzles will stimulate the brain and prevent the deterioration of brain cells that happens naturally from aging. It is important that the puzzle is challenging and logic based. Other puzzles don't produce the same results to increase your life span.

Take your vitamins. Studies have shown people that take vitamins generally live longer compared to people that don't take vitamins. Although some dispute these studies as they correlate with developed nations versus developing nations, the evidence remains that taking a good multivitamin will increase your life expectancy. Multivitamins serve as filler to your diet for nutrients and vitamins that your body requires but that are lacking. A good multivitamin will help a person avoid illnesses. It is also important to the development of a child under eighteen and for mothers before they get pregnant to take a good multivitamin to provide all the nutrients that a body needs.

Floss your teeth every day. The leading cause of death in many developing nations can be linked to diseases that start due to oral hygiene. The lack of dental health has real health impacts later in life. People that not only brush their teeth everyday but also floss will add an estimated two years onto their lives.

Exercise vigorously at least three times a week. People that do vigorous cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week are expected to live an estimated three years longer than those who don't exercise. Exercise helps people to lower their weight, and avoid many weight related diseases. Also, studies have shown that people that continue to exercise when they are older have much lower chances of having heart disease.

Drink water. Drinking water has been proven to have many benefits in our everyday life. Many Americans don't drink enough water in their daily life. This lack of liquid hurts their body's immune system, and also doesn't allow the body to function at its highest level. In addition to helping in everyday health people that drink sufficient amounts of water live longer than those who don't.

Don't smoke. Smoking significantly cuts down on a person's life expectancy. There are countless cancers and other deadly diseases that are associated with the use of smoking tobacco. It is estimated that a person that smokes cuts their life expectancy down by at least ten years.

If people will develop healthy habits, then they will be able to reap the rewards in a longer and healthier life. Many people are speculating that it is only a matter of time before scientists are able to develop a fountain of youth like drug that will extend the lives of human by tens if not hundreds of years. Until that time it is important that we all have habits that will extend our lives for ourselves.

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How To Check Out Your Long Distance Lover

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Top Ten Tips for Using Forex VPS Hosting to Enhance Trading Profits

The corporation are set up for merely various ages, and have unquestionably had a large amount of fulfilled purchasers.But is forex trading VPS internet hosting in fact that basic? The Forex trading VPS internet hosting is very little but a remote desktop that offers fx traders the ability to place in any kind of plan, therefore you could possibly be offered a specific storage potential that's considerably ample to store the mandatory files which may very well be regular paperwork to spreadsheets to EA files. What's more, forex trading traders do not need to make investments several hours whatsoever situations examining charts and comprehending forex prices around the net.All in all, the forex VPS internet hosting companies have broadly precisely the same products providing, with equivalent specs within just their hosting accounts. The attributes which you really should look and feel out for primarily certainly are a pre-installed MetaTrader MT4. Also verify that the hosting support is appropriate with all forex trading brokers, or at least using the broker you trade with, as there are a few brokers which only use particular running devices. It will allow you to down load and set up buying and selling platforms from brokers for your foreign exchange VPS. Ultimately, double examine which the EA you intend to trade with is appropriate with all the VPS host. Most forex hosting companies can support all EAs, but some are nonetheless constrained in this particular capacity.Exactly why these fx VPS internet hosting companies are becoming incredibly well-known is easy. Issues will arise for foreign exchange traders whenever they know how to't entry their Pc or even a world-wide-web connection - either because of into a electric power outage, or downtime mainly because of their ISP. Internet hosting expert services have fallen getting a signifies to repair this by delivering expert VPS metatrader hosting for those who must trade their EAs routinely. Superb these Metatrader and forex trading VPS internet hosting services could finally rely within the triumph of foreign exchange currency investing since an completely, and inside the short-term in the least, this reveals no signal of abating.The purpose why these forex VPS internet hosting solutions became so favorite is clear-cut. Troubles will take place for currency traders after they know how to't access their Personal computer or an online connection -- both due to a energy outage, or downtime with their ISP. Internet hosting businesses have come with an answer to this by providing professional VPS metatrader hosting for folks who ought to trade their EAs immediately. The reputation of these Metatrader and forex trading VPS internet hosting services will finally count on the achievement of currency trading as a complete, and from the short-term not less than, this shows no indication of abating.The cause why these fx VPS hosting products and services became so well-liked is simple. Troubles will occur for fx traders after they understand how to't entry their Laptop or an internet connection - either due to a electric power outage, or downtime with their ISP. Web hosting companies have have an answer to this by delivering specialist VPS metatrader internet hosting for individuals who really need to trade their EAs routinely. The acceptance of those Metatrader and fx VPS internet hosting expert services will ultimately count to the triumph of foreign currency trading because a complete, and within the temporary no less than, this displays no indication of abating.

Automated Foreign exchange Buying and selling Computer software: Mechanize Your Forex Investing

Human mistakes can also be avoided in such automated programs.Automated forex trading buying and selling is a boon not only for purchasers but it proves to be highly very good for traders also. Traders can increase their consumer base and this will improve their earnings. But, for retaining the consumer base, these traders have to continue to keep observing the sector closely and have out the transactions meticulously. Traders need to aim not only at their private revenue but they should assure that their purchasers also get high returns on their investments. With automated software program, the consumers get the gain of investing instantaneously and the trader is capable to manage the transactions of a number of shoppers concurrently not having any hassles.The approach utilised in an automated trading software package is just about identical to the usual trading method. The tradings and transactions that are taking place during the globe should be deemed for taking ideal and fast action to get the maximum returns. To elaborate it more, the fluctuations in the forex trading markets are so terrific that only if immediate action is taken, revenue possibilities can be utilized. The software package need to be fed not only with the up-to-date trends but also with the prior market circumstances. The specifics of how the currencies behaved from just about every other beneath a variety of situations in the past should also be incorporated into the software. Based mostly on these information, the perfect techniques and rules are evolved for reaping optimum returns. These strategies and rules are fed into the computer software.The program will need to have numerous combinations of currencies in accordance to the prerequisites of various clientele. Buyers ought to have the selection to select the pair they demand. In semi-automated devices, there will be signals to guideline the users whether to enter the market place or exit.But, in a fully automated foreign exchange trading computer software, indicators will not be there and the method will immediately do the transactions according to the marketplace situations and the information of preceding market conditions that are previously fed into the technique. Because there are several these kinds of automated forex trading programs accessible in the marketplace, customers should select the most appropriate software that is very best-suited for them. By browsing the websites of the various techniques accessible and going through the opinions and testimonials presented by present as properly as past consumers, the most appropriate system can be selected.A lot of inside Forex would like to assist a sensible, unemotional, logical and actually meticulous trader who can spot the styles, the individual developments and enter in trades the fast the possibility takes place. These partners are offered, and are accessible in the marketplace: Automated Forex investing computer software scan the encourages employing pre-arranged or custom made parameters (which include spread discrepancies, cost developments) to learn and conduct successful trades globally.With automated forex trading investing software, you activate the software alongside with allow the application do the actual trading. Such software package is presented at a vast array of charges based upon traits and levels of sophistication, and also employed by beginner, knowledgeable or possibly veteran traders. Even so, just about all traders need to try to remember to look into the system, the supplier, be acquainted with a trial time period and browse the choice folks say in advance of shopping for.

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What is tasty, blue and helps erase wrinkles: The incredible, edible blueberry.

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Do You Know How to Ditch the Diet?

Planning for a Your Own Food Makeover.

I'm always hearing about Oprah's new workout plan or the latest star's healthy eating tips. And you can't help but notice the beautiful bodies that graze the covers of the magazines.

Yes, it would be easy to ... Read >

Do Salads Leave You Hungry?

"I'm so healthy"I eat a salad every day for lunch," said Sandra, one of my newer clients.

"But," she quickly added, "I can't stop snacking in the afternoon. At 4:00 I tend to ravage the leftover cookies and bagels from the breakfast and lunch meetin... Read >

Has Procrastination Become Your Daily Workout?

One of the number one ways to procrastinate is to over think. We spend so much time thinking about a decision that we end up losing the moment to act.

I begin each day of my life with a ritual: I wake up at 5:30 AM, put on my workout clothes, my leg-w... Read >

The Truth behind Why You Need To Take Care Of Yourself

For years I've been teaching the importance of self care - taking a break by doing things just for you. It is a chance to listen to your heart every now and then and give your head a mini-vacation. Whether it be a massage, a yoga class, a walk or five min... Read >

The Secret to Cooking: A Full Refrigerator

Can you relate to this? You start out with the best intentions. You intend to cook. You even search the web and pick out recipes or make a list. But then something comes up. You get distracted. You stay at work late or go out with your friends. By the tim... Read >

Enjoy Your Chocolate - Just make it raw

Most people love chocolate but have never tried the raw food where chocolate comes from: cacao beans. People around the world have treasured cacao beans for centuries - in ancient cultures it was used as a currency. Today you can find it in the raw food s... Read >

What is the number one way to avoid holiday weight gain – without deprivation?

SLOW DOWN. Yes, I know you've heard it many times, stress is the precursor behind so many diseases - some would even say that it is the cause of all disease. But did you know that stress; even small amounts of chronic low level stress can stop digestion ... Read >

How to survive on less than eight hours of sleep (without the caffeine!)

For many people"and maybe you're one of them"an extra shot of espresso seems like a quick fix. When you just can't leave work any earlier, or family responsibilities mean less sleep than your body would like, it can be a real challenge. I've got news ... Read >

Online Money Making Ideas Category

Online Money Making Ideas Category

Make Money Doing Video Editing

image001Making video montages can be a rewarding way of making money. Sharing in the special occasions of someone’s life and chronicling it on video helps preserve endearing moments. People will gladly pay someone to produce a history of their lives.

Strong editing and creative skills in video editing software can open career possibilities for you.

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Make Money Selling Coupons on eBay

image003Do you have a penchant for selling? Would you like to earn money by selling coupons online? Selling coupons on eBay can be profitable for any work at home individual.

Since 1998, eBay has been an online marketplace for millions of individuals. Buyers and Sellers alike grappled for the one thing they want most…a good deal. This is the single most important key to success in selling on e-Bay.

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Make Money with Twitter

image004The dictionary defines twittering as chitter or a series of high-pitched sounds emitting from birds. The company Twitter is a social networking system which enables users to send and read messages consisting of no more than 140-characters. Users create profile pages and then subscribe to various users who are then known as followers.

Users of Twitter can use the social networking to build a list of followers who then become potential clients. The more followers on the account means the customer base expands. Twitter users can earn money by using Adsense and refer followers to the referring company’s website or make money by using EasyTweets, which is a subscription only service.

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Make iPhone Apps and Make Money

image005Have you ever wondered how to make iPhone apps and make money? If so, you are definitely not alone. As the popularity of this phone increases, more and more people are searching for an answer to the same question.

In truth, individuals as young as 11 years old have made money with applications they have developed. You don’t have to be a computer genius to jump on the bandwagon and start earning a profit.

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Sell Scrap Gold and Make Money

image006More and more people are making the decision to sell scrap gold for a profit. Many times this is an infrequent transaction, occurring only 1 or 2 times per year. Other times it is on a more regular basis.

As of this writing, the value of gold continues to rise. So, there really is no better time to get rid of unwanted gold items. Broken necklaces and charms, post-divorce wedding rings and coins are just a few examples of things that are most often sold. Other items include cuff links, dental inlays and tiny remnants of “waste gold” found in computer components.

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Buy and Sell Websites and Make Money

image007Countless individuals are making money because of their decision to buy and sell websites. Website flipping is the process of buying existing sites, making some type of improvements and then reselling them for a profit.

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Sell Domain names and Make Money

image008Domain flipping is the process of purchasing a domain name and re-selling it for a profit. Typically, startup costs are low. In fact, many people who have found it to be a lucrative business… started on a shoestring budget.

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Create New Photoshop Brushes and Filters and Make Money

image009Designing digital paintbrushes is a great way to earn extra money. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to set up this business adventure. All you need is an updated computer and computer software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop brushes are a great way to add that extra little embellishment to your next project. You can use your unique flair to brush your creativity across the canvas of your dreams by selling digital paintbrushes.

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Start a Membership Website and Make Money

image010Creating a website geared for a specific audience can generate cash flow for you. There are many different types of website clubs on the Internet dealing with particular topics such as, genealogy, high IQ’s, writers of a certain genre, readers of a certain genre, building contractors, fan clubs, and many more. You can create a website for a particular audience and then offer memberships to those interested. Your website will hold information which will be useful to each member.

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Write Reviews for Money

image011A definition of a review is a critical evaluation. This means that there is more to writing a review then just giving an opinion. Many consumers value well-written reviews. They depend upon these reviews before making a decision about whether to purchase a product. It is important as a reviewer to know what to say and how to say it well.

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Quick Money Category

Quick Money Category

Sell Scrap Gold and Make Money

image001More and more people are making the decision to sell scrap gold for a profit. Many times this is an infrequent transaction, occurring only 1 or 2 times per year. Other times it is on a more regular basis.

As of this writing, the value of gold continues to rise. So, there really is no better time to get rid of unwanted gold items. Broken necklaces and charms, post-divorce wedding rings and coins are just a few examples of things that are most often sold. Other items include cuff links, dental inlays and tiny remnants of “waste gold” found in computer components.

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Start a Pet Sitting Business and Make Money

image003If you love animals and are looking for a way to make extra money, take a minute to consider starting a pet sitting business. Is a service that will always be in demand, especially during the summer months when many pet owners tend to schedule vacation time.

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Write Reviews for Money

image004A definition of a review is a critical evaluation. This means that there is more to writing a review then just giving an opinion. Many consumers value well-written reviews. They depend upon these reviews before making a decision about whether to purchase a product. It is important as a reviewer to know what to say and how to say it well.

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Deliver Flyers & Make Money

flyersToday, everyone is looking for some extra ways to make money to supplement their monthly income and they frequently search for them.

The need for the different ideas to make money can be easily understood as many people are either losing their jobs or getting a salary cut and the prices are increasing in every three months. In this condition, what options one has to run their household? The urge of referring to the different things on ‘how to make money’ is now very obvious for most of us.

But, what can be the ways to earn those extra bucks for you and your family in these hard times? Well, actually there are Many ways for doing so, but I am here to tell you about one particular way to supplement your income.

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Earn Money Taking Surveys

image006If you take a look around, you will find that most of the people are either losing their jobs or getting a cut in their salary and this all is happening due to the slowdown in the global economy. And, it can happen to you too.

So, what one can do to run their house hold in these harsh times?

Well, there are many ideas to make money. On the internet, there are plenty of opportunities that do not require any educational qualifications or skills. And, one such way to make money at home is ‘taking surveys’. This is one of the most popular ways of earning cash on the internet. Thousands of people are already earning their ‘bread & butter’ through this quick cash method.

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Make Money as a Tutor

tuitionIf you need money, but you do not want to engage yourself in a fixed 9-5 job, then I can tell you about a great way to make money that you may have not considered yet. If you are unemployed and thinking on how to make money, then tutoring may be the solution to your problem. This is really one of the easiest ways to make money.

Tutoring- There are a lot of people who make their living through tutoring. Hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs are available for the people like you who want to earn money while educating a person. The best thing about this job is that you get a satisfaction that you are really doing something good. You get a feel that you are cementing the base of the society you live in and that is what makes you feel special.

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Make Money Renting Out Metal Detectors

Make Money Renting Out Metal Detectors

image001Going to the beach is fun for the entire family. However, many families and beach enthusiasts lose their valuables. You can earn extra money by renting out metal detectors.

People enjoy visiting the beach. Experiencing the sun, water, and full breeze captivates the interest of beach enthusiasts. However, most people will agree the most aggravating aspect of visiting the beach is losing valuables.

Some people would like to have access to a metal detector to find their lost possessions while others would like to comb the beach searching for treasures to sell. Metal detectors are handheld devices which can be used to find metal lost in the sand or has been washed ashore by the ocean onto the beaches. You could make money by offering metal detectors to beach enthusiasts for a reasonable charge.

Step One

You should first gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Step Two

Comparison shop for metal detectors by visiting different hardware stores and researching store inserts. Determine how many units you will need. You may want to begin with one or two and see how your business grows before investing too much money into your business venture. Determine from other metal detecting businesses how much they have set their service fees and then set your prices for less.


You will also need to purchase headphones. It is important to offer headphones because it makes it easier to hear signals when the wind is blowing or the surf is up. Another reason for offering headphones is so your equipment doesn’t interrupt beachgoers who are relaxing. The constant beeping could be annoying.

Step Three

Determine which beach you want to set up for your business. Look for a beach that is frequently visited or one that was used a lot in the past. At first, you may want to set up your shop in the back of a pickup bed until your business grows.

Step Four

Paint some large signs to post near your store displaying your services and prices. You will want to list a rate by the hour for people to use your metal detectors. Then list charges for offering your headphones.

Step Five

Once you have all of your business set-up finished, create business cards and maybe even a free blog, listing hours of operation and charges. You can also visit marinas and ask for manager referrals. Also, ask if you can leave your business cards for them to hand out to customers.


If you enjoy treasure hunting and love going to the beach, you can combine your passions to earn extra money. You can rent metal detectors and headphones at the beach. Begin small by purchasing only a couple of detectors. This way your business can begin with little investment. Consider running your business out of the back of a truck bed, so you will have no overhead. Renting metal detectors is a great way to earn money.

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Make Money Doing Winter Rescues

Make Money Doing Winter Rescues

image001If you own a 4×4 vehicle such as a Jeep, Hummer, or a truck, you could earn money during the wintertime by pulling stranded motorists off the side of the road. Many motorists are reluctant to call a towing service because of the exorbitant fees, but you could offer your services for a minimal charge.

With the right vehicle and accessories, you can earn money by pulling stranded motorists off the side of the road during wintertime storms. You vehicle is an asset when ice storms or heavy snow storms plague cities. Many car owners do not know how to recover their vehicle from being stuck. You can obtain the accessories necessary to pull cars out of a rut and then charge them less than a towing service.

Step One

Gather necessary information about what you need for towing. You will need a hitch. Many hitches come in different classifications. Know your vehicle and about the weight you want to tow. More than likely, you will need a Class 3 Receiver Hitch for pulling cars.

Shop around and find a sturdy and stretchable recovery strap. The strap works by attaching the strap to your vehicle and the motorist’s vehicle.

As you drive away from the motorist, the recovery strap stretches just like a rubber band. It then pulls the vehicle from the stranded area. The straps are flat with sewn loops and no hooks. The recovery straps are safer than chains and are easier to use. Some recovery straps do come with hooks and that may be helpful to you.

You will also need to study towing points of vehicles. Know the towing points of your vehicle and different types of vehicles. If you don’t take the time to study towing points, you could damage the other motorist’s car and be held liable for the damage.

Step Two

After you have bought the necessary accessories and have outfitted your truck with a receiving hitch, you are ready to help people in need. Tell friends and family that you are willing to pull stranded motorists off the side of the road for a price. Call around to different towing services to price check their towing fees. Make certain your prices are lower. Word-of-mouth will cause you to obtain business. If you don’t want to wait until someone calls you, then drive around town in your vehicle and spot stranded motorists.

Step Three

When you arrive to the scene of a stranded motorist, remain calm and allow your cool manner to help calm the other driver. Come to an agreement about your price to pull out their car. Bring with you an already typed document, excusing you from being held liable for any damage which may incur from the towing. Have the driver sign the document before attaching the recovery strap. To protect yourself even further, come to an agreement that you will hook your vehicle and the driver of the other car will hook his vehicle. This way if damage does occur, you are not to blame.

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Make Money Connecting Electronic Devices

Make Money Connecting Electronic Devices

image001You can earn extra money by connecting electronic devices for people who do not know how. Advertise for your services. You can own and operate your own small business with some skill and business savvy.

With the rise in electronic devices, people struggle learning about the device, and also how to connect it to other devices. For example, families need their Blu-Ray DVD connected to their big screen television, X-box 360 to a television, or a video camera to a television.

Many families need multiple items connected to their big screen, including their personal computer. Having the knowledge of how to connect multiple devices to TV is an advantage for anyone willing to plug into this opportunity.

Step One

Examine your skills. Do you have the skills necessary to perform the tasks necessary? Be honest with yourself. Are you only marginally good at connecting devices? If you believe you need more education consider enrolling in a course or take a workshop. Read everything you can get your hands on, like owner’s manuals or books. Most entrepreneurs possess self-starter qualities as well as a willingness to constantly improve your skills.

Step Two

Decide what types of equipment you can connect. The more you can do the better your pay will be. You will also need to decide how much you will charge for each connection. Choose between a flat rate price and an hourly rate. Most people are not electronically literate and will be willing to pay someone to connect their electronic devices.

Step Three

The equipment you need will be basic tools. Look for pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Also, have plenty of batteries available so you can check the devices to make sure they are working properly. Having quality video cables on hand is a necessity.

Step Four

Find customers. You can begin your business by practicing with family and friends. Offer your services free of charge to obtain a good source of free word of mouth advertising. You can also take an advertisement out in the newspaper. Consider sponsoring local activities to achieve name recognition.

Create your own business cards using computer software. Consider creating a free blog or a website. A brochure works nice for handing out to neighbors and leaving brochures on car windows.

Step Five

You should gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Phone your insurance company and check liability rates. You will need to protect yourself in case a mishap happens.


You can make money by connecting other people’s electronic devices to their television. Many families have several interests, such as playing movies with their DVD player, watching home movies on their television, using their video camera, playing electronic games with different name brands consoles and software, or needing to connect their personal computer to the television. Most people are unaware of how to connect these devices and are willing to pay you for your time.

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Plant Bulbs and Make Money

Plant Bulbs and Make Money

image001You can earn money by selling flowers in the spring. Plant flower bulbs and watch them and your wallet grow.

Flower bulbs are a fast and easy way to make money during the summer months. Flowers are very popular. People love beautifying their property with an explosion of color during the warm, sunny months.

Step One

To begin with, decide what bulbs you want to grow and sell. Investigate the popularity of specific types of flowers. Some are in demand more than others. Also, different types of flowers may be more expensive than other types.

Step Two

Determine who your target market will be. This is a good opportunity to talk with local wholesalers who would like to buy large quantities from you. Other ideas would include placing your products in the back of a pickup. You can then sell the bulbs or flowers parked on the side of the road to travelers. Another great idea would be to plant the bulbs and then attend craft and garden shows to sell the pre-planted bulbs.

Step Three

Educate yourself on the bulbs you want to sell. Certain bulbs will need to be refrigerated for several weeks, depending on the variety. Determine which variety you want to sell by the month which it blooms. If you are an industrious person you could grow all types of varieties year round to sell.

Find publications which will help you learn more about the flower industry. Some of them focus specifically on flower bulbs. There are also many free newsletters in which you can receive for free.

Step Four

You will need to purchase some materials for your venture. Select the bulbs you want to sell, potting soil, and pots. Other items you may need are a trowel, fertilizer, and insecticide.

Step Five

Gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws. If you wish to sell to wholesalers then you may need to be a legal business entity before they will do business with you.

Step Six

Seek out professional organizations which you can become a member. There are many of these organizations which can help you. They offer you the ability to discuss any questions with other growers and network. Also, they offer training, workshops, and information on flowers.

Step Seven

Market yourself. Create business cards on your personal computer. Using software and images of your flowers, you can fashion a brochure of the products you sell. Begin a free blog or design a website, which will give flower enthusiasts information regarding when you sell your plants and a pricing list. Make sure you make your contact information available on your promotional materials.


You can make money by planting bulbs or selling bulbs. You can also make money by planting the bulbs, watching them grown into beautiful flowers and then selling them. Plant a cash crop today and watch your wallet grow.

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Make Money Picking and Selling Wildflowers

image001Wildflower gifts and arrangements are popular. This demand has opened up a niche for people who want to pick and sell wildflowers as a source of extra income.

If you’ve ever spent time in a local craft/gift shop, you’ve probably seen handmade wildflower gifts. Cards, pictures, candles and many others feature real wildflowers. They make beautiful additions to craft items and are popular with customers. This demand has opened up a niche for people who want to pick and sell wildflowers as a source of extra income.

Contacting local crafters and artists can help you find places to market wildflowers. You can also contact bigger companies which use wildflowers in products they manufacture.

Sometimes flower shops and decorators also purchase wildflowers.

People who pick and sell wildflowers typically get paid either a few cents per flower or a few dollars per pound. If you aren’t sure what you should charge, talk to a florist, horticulturist or artisan for an idea.

Before you pick and sell wildflowers, make sure you follow a few simple rules and guidelines:

  • Make sure its legal to pick and sell wildflowers. Most locales don’t have rules regarding this one way or another. However, some have rules when it comes to the removal of wildflowers.
  • Find out if there are any wildflower species which are protected in your area. If you pick and sell wildflowers that are protected you might be in for a hefty fine or even a short stint in jail.
  • Familiarize yourself with noxious weeds. Many wildflowers are actually weeds. This is okay; they’re still marketable as long as they aren’t on a local list of “noxious” weeds. Noxious weeds are those that may poison or cause damage to other local plants, wildlife or humans. Noxious weeds are often non-native plants that have been displaced from their native territory to another area. If you do pick them, not many dealers will buy them from you anyway. Make an effort to avoid them.
  • Don’t pull wildflowers up by their roots. Instead, bring a pair of scissors or gardening shears and cut the flowers. Leave the plant’s main stem when possible. Pulling out the roots destroys the whole plant, which can upset the balance of the environment. Besides, leaving the root means that the plant will produce more flowers for you to harvest later on.
  • Know where you’re picking. It may not be illegal to pick and sell wildflowers, but it IS illegal to trespass on private property. Don’t remove flowers unless you have permission or aren’t on private property. Likewise, don’t remove flowers from public parks until you find out if this is legal in your area.
  • Grow your own wildflowers. This can be a very rewarding experience, both for the money you make when you pick and sell wildflowers, and for environmental stewardship experience you’ll gain.

People who pick and sell wildflowers for extra income tend to be nature lovers who really enjoy what they’re doing. It’s a wonderful way to get in touch with the great outdoors, spread the environmental message through art and craft, and make money too.

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Make Money Helping Students Improve ACT Scores

Make Money Helping Students Improve ACT Scores

image001A major factor that helps college admissions boards determine a potential student’s academic ability is his or her ACT score. This has given rise to an industry of para-education classes to help students improve ACT scores.

The competition for admission to American colleges and Universities gets fiercer every year. One major factor that helps college admissions boards determine a potential student’s academic ability is his or her ACT score. This has given rise to an industry of para-education classes to help students improve ACT scores.

The ACT is a standardized exam for high school students. It is a broad test covering four academic areas: math, science, reading and English. Students can also choose to take an optional writing test. The test is administered in every U.S. state 4 to 6 times per year in a controlled setting.

The ACT exam gives colleges and Universities a standardized way to evaluate a student’s knowledge and abilities. This is crucial since every State’s graduation requirements vary. It also provides a way for students from private schools and home schools to be evaluated on a level playing field.

Those with a background in teaching or tutoring may stand to profit from the competition to enter college. Many teachers and former teachers make extra money by starting classes to help students improve ACT scores.

Starting a class to help students improve ACT scores requires a good working knowledge of the ACT exam. Copies of past ACT tests can be purchased from the producing company. There are also numerous study guides available in bookstores and online.

Aside from a love for education and a familiarity with the exam, starting a class to help students improve ACT scores will require rental of space. Teaching space is often available to rent from schools during off hours, or at libraries, churches or private event halls.

Conversely, facilitators may choose to simply tutor students one-on-one or in small groups. This may eliminate or greatly reduce the price of renting teaching space.

Training should take place over a series of weeks. Six to ten week classes are typical, with one session per week. Classes are best held just prior to the administration of the ACT exam in your area.

Besides the cost of renting space, other expenses will include teacher training materials (students typically pay for their own training manuals) and advertising. These extra costs will probably be minimal, and can easily be incorporated into the fees you charge.

Starting a class to help students improve ACT scores can be more than simply a way for educators to make extra money. The satisfaction that can be gained from helping a student enter the college of his or her choice can be very rewarding.

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Paint House Numbers on Curbs and Make Money

Paint House Numbers on Curbs and Make Money

image001It’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs. This niche profession is full of possibilities.

You probably never stopped to think about who painted the numbers on the curbs in your neighborhood. Someone has to do it, though. In reality, it’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs.

This niche industry is full of opportunity and possibilities for a self starter. The major reason is that few companies actually paint house numbers on curbs exclusively. Companies that do various types of industrial painting (like those who paint fire hydrants and traffic lines) will sometimes do curb number painting. Some won’t bother at all.

However, those who will usually charge the same hourly rate that they charge for doing larger jobs. Many homeowners simply aren’t willing to pay an industrial painter 50 dollars or more to paint house numbers on curbs. Chances are excellent that they’d pay someone like you 20 dollars or less to do this.

The start-up cost for equipment to paint house numbers on curbs is minimal. You’ll need to purchase number stencils. These are available at most hardware stores. They typically cost less than 20 dollars, and many are under ten dollars.

You’ll also need paint. You should plan to spend around 50 dollars to start with. This will get you a few cans of spray paint in different colors. (Black, yellow and white are most commonly used for painting house numbers on curbs.) You may want to invest in some type of reflective paint or other material so that numbers can be seen in the dark.

You may want to do some advertising when you first start out. The cost will depend on what kind of advertising you do. Printing and handing out flyers is relatively inexpensive; plan to spend about 50 dollars if you do this. Newspaper advertising costs a bit more, but may be worth it because you’ll reach a larger audience more quickly.

However, the easiest way to get started is to simply go door to door and/or make phone calls. First, cruise local neighborhoods and find houses that don’t have numbers or whose numbers are worn away and/or difficult to see. Then, start knocking.

You can also drum up business by contacting the homeowner’s association agents of townhouse and condominium complexes. Many of these require number painting on an annual or bi-annual basis for entire groups of homes or areas and would be happy to save a bit of homeowner’s money this way.

The ongoing costs to paint house numbers on curbs will also be minimal. You’ll need to purchase paint on a regular basis. You’ll also have to replace stencils when they wear out. However, these costs will probably be just a few hundred dollars per year, depending on how much work you’ll be doing.


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Featured Category

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