Kit Fremin

Walk Like An Egyptian

Recently, I went to pick-up my daughter at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) who was on a flight from Paris on Air France. She has been in Turkey for the last five weeks and was coming home from Istanbul via Paris. While waiting for her to get thr... Read >

How To Check Out Your Long Distance Lover

I've been doing background checks on people for over 15 years and one thing that I have always enjoyed about my work is that I am detached from the people that I am checking out; I don't get involved. Increasingly lately, though I have had contact mostly ... Read >

More Unusual Background Checks

We have done background checks on all types of people from a group of nuns to Bernie Madoff to Knight Rider. Below are a few of my favorite stories.


Several years ago I called and spoke to a New York based magazine editor who was list... Read >

Background Checks and Your Privacy

If you are faced with the possibility of having to undergo a background check as a prerequisite for obtaining a new job you may be wondering how your right to privacy conflicts with your employer's right to know more about you; especially with regard to a... Read >

Consolidated Courts

To thoroughly understand the process of conducting "real" criminal records background checks it is necessary to have a rudimentary understanding of the structure of the court system in the state where the search is conducted, especially with respect to co... Read >

Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

The Oxford PhD.
A longtime client asked us to check an existing young employee who was being promoted and transferred within the company. This employee was required to update her vital info on an application form. On the form she indicated that she had ... Read >

Check Out Your E-mail Lover

The three things that women wish they could verify about their online date; his marital status, his finances and is he a criminal, and how to find out.

1. Their financial status including credit, job and assets.
2. Their marital status including wive... Read >

Background Checks 101

A small business owner in San Diego County told me recently that they were using one of these brand name "Instant Nationwide" background check services that was, in fact, recommended by their liability insurance carrier. When I showed the gentleman on th... Read >

How to Survive a Background Check

Sooner or later the time will probably come that you have to undergo a background check. To most people, the prospect of subjecting yourself to scrutiny by an unknown organization is little cause for concern. For others, however it can be an agonizing or... Read >


A pastor at a large church in San Diego County told me recently that they were using one of these brand name "Instant Nationwide" background check services that was, in fact, recommended by their popular church liability insurance carrier. When I showed ... Read >

The Loopholes in California LiveScan

California LiveScan is the state run system administered by the California Department of Justice for criminal background checks and is available only on workers whose work includes working with children, the elderly and disabled. These include law enforce... Read >

Foreign Background Checks, What You Need to Know

I started doing background checks in the summer of 1994. About a year later I was looking into providing records for a new client at the time, McDonnell Douglass. I was shocked to find that the only company that I could find (I was not on the internet yet... Read >

Foreign Background Checks, What You Need to Know

The name of the game in insurance is risk management. As a small information technology business owner or manager, you transfer the risk of loss to an insurance company in exchange for a premium. Of course you don't want to spend more on that premium tha... Read >

Three Steps to Better Online Background Checks

In today's world background checks on other people have become a necessary part of our business and sometimes, personal life. What parent now days would not first check a person's background before they hire a nanny for their children, for example? And w... Read >