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Does credit history follow you upon relocation from the United States to Canada?

We recently received a very good question from a foreign exchange student who is moving out of the country. He asked if the credit established in the U.S follows a person, in this case to Canada. Here is what we found through our research.

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Sick and Tired of Miscellaneous Bank Fees? Stay Informed.

Maybe you have acquired overdraft fees or ATM fees. These two fees are among many fees that tend to show up on your statement without you knowing. Even if you try to research every fee your bank charges, it is extremely difficult to find the information. ... Read >

What Financial Concerns are on the Minds of Young Adults?

Paying off credit card debt, student loans and buying a home are among many others.

Yes, you guessed it! Paying off credit card debt, student loans and keeping up with bills are among many serious concerns of young adults. College students struggle wit... Read >

Here Are Some Quick Tips to Remove Common Errors off Your Credit Report

As most consumers know or have experienced, inaccurate information on credit reports is more common than you think. Having these errors cost you thousands of dollars in higher interest rates then you should have on when applying for loans and credit cards... Read >

Savers Credit: Get a Larger Tax Refund

Saver's Credit: Get a Larger Tax Refund

Do you have a low to moderate income and still put cash away into a retirement account? Would you like a bigger tax refund check? If you answered yes to both questions, you may be eligible for Credit for Retireme... Read >

Be Aware of Foreclosure Scams

Unfortunately, whenever you are dealing with money, there is always a scam artist on the prowl. This is true when dealing with the foreclosure process. These people try to take advantage of your financial troubles by offering solutions that sound to easy ... Read >

Ways to Avoid Foreclosure

There may be many reasons why a homeowner is not able to make a mortgage payment. It could be a recent divorce, unemployment, medical debt or maybe you purchased a home using an adjustable rate mortgage and the monthly payment has gone up considerably. Bu... Read >

Great Websites That Help Out Your Pocket Book

Let's see here, you signed up for a two year cell phone plan, but after two months, you no longer need it or want to switch carriers. You read you contract terms and it reads- early termination fee: $150. What should you do?

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Gift Cards: The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Everyone loves receiving and giving gift cards for special occasions. They reduce the stress of worrying if the recipient will like those jeans or shirt you bought them. They eliminate the fake smi... Read >

Think You Were Qualified for the Job? Your Credit Report May be the Reason You Were Not Hired.

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It is already hard enough to find a position you feel you deserve. With all the competition among college degrees, work experience and other qualifications there is yet another area a potential emp... Read >

Is It Really Necessary To Buy Bottled Water?

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For years people have been drinking the water that flows out of the tap. And how often did people get sick from drinking tap water that city municipalities regulate? Not too often. Yet Americans sp... Read >

Your Checking Account; Watch Those Expensive Overdraft Charges

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Boca Raton, FL Have you ever looked at your bank statement and felt like screaming at the top of your lungs? Do you feel like you are throwing money out the window? Many people including yours tr... Read >

Money Saving Tips to Remember Before Planning That Vacation

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Everybody knows that planning a nice get a way can be very expensive due to the cost of gas, the time of year, the location and food. Here are some tips to consider before packing up and hitting th... Read >

Have a New Born in the Family? Here are Some Easy Ways to Save Money.

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Boca Raton, FL Everyone knows the cost of raising a child has dramatically increased throughout the years. With all the new styles of clothing, diapers and kinds of baby food, these items are mor... Read >

Pay Your Rent on time? TransUnion Has New Database That Will Benefit Renters

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On June 15, 2006, one of the three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, introduced on a new database that will collect information on the renter's payment history and will help apartment complex manag... Read >