The text is like a guy like you and build incredible attraction


Funny but with a guy we don’t really like, we don’t even have to think about how to text him, we just instinctively don’t put much thought into it. Why should it be different with texting a guy you like? Ever notice how the ones we don’t like stick around and the ones we do often vanish? That is often because we don’t show them all that much interest and we become a challenge. A guy loves a good challenge does he not?

I have a friend who spent an entire day texting a guy. She was so excited, thought because he was texting her all day, he was into her. Fast forward a week. He never once asked her out and all texting stopped. Why? Because she was too available. It sent the message that this girl had nothing better to do but spend a day of mindless chatter. It also screams desperation. Don’t be a perpetual all day texter. He gets bored.

When texting a guy you like, always try to be the first one to exit the conversation. Leave him wanting more. Don’t fill up his glass all at once. If he texts you, fine, reply, but don’t make a day of it. You want him to think you have a busy interesting life. If you are jumping every time the guy you like texts you, he will start to see you as hanging on his every word.

When texting a guy you like it’s a good idea to not answer right away. Wait a couple of hours. That way the anticipation builds, then when you do text he feels relief. This creates a powerful trigger to him. In the future when he gets a text from you he will associate it with relief and good feelings. Those good feelings translate into you.

When texting a guy you like don’t wake up in the morning and send him a "Good Morning" text or a "Good Night" text. Let him do this first. Let him lead, you follow softly behind. In the beginning if I get one of these I reply with a short sweet "u 2". That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Make him work for it. Men

value what they work hardest for.