Make Money Renting Out Metal Detectors

Make Money Renting Out Metal Detectors

image001Going to the beach is fun for the entire family. However, many families and beach enthusiasts lose their valuables. You can earn extra money by renting out metal detectors.

People enjoy visiting the beach. Experiencing the sun, water, and full breeze captivates the interest of beach enthusiasts. However, most people will agree the most aggravating aspect of visiting the beach is losing valuables.

Some people would like to have access to a metal detector to find their lost possessions while others would like to comb the beach searching for treasures to sell. Metal detectors are handheld devices which can be used to find metal lost in the sand or has been washed ashore by the ocean onto the beaches. You could make money by offering metal detectors to beach enthusiasts for a reasonable charge.

Step One

You should first gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Step Two

Comparison shop for metal detectors by visiting different hardware stores and researching store inserts. Determine how many units you will need. You may want to begin with one or two and see how your business grows before investing too much money into your business venture. Determine from other metal detecting businesses how much they have set their service fees and then set your prices for less.


You will also need to purchase headphones. It is important to offer headphones because it makes it easier to hear signals when the wind is blowing or the surf is up. Another reason for offering headphones is so your equipment doesn’t interrupt beachgoers who are relaxing. The constant beeping could be annoying.

Step Three

Determine which beach you want to set up for your business. Look for a beach that is frequently visited or one that was used a lot in the past. At first, you may want to set up your shop in the back of a pickup bed until your business grows.

Step Four

Paint some large signs to post near your store displaying your services and prices. You will want to list a rate by the hour for people to use your metal detectors. Then list charges for offering your headphones.

Step Five

Once you have all of your business set-up finished, create business cards and maybe even a free blog, listing hours of operation and charges. You can also visit marinas and ask for manager referrals. Also, ask if you can leave your business cards for them to hand out to customers.


If you enjoy treasure hunting and love going to the beach, you can combine your passions to earn extra money. You can rent metal detectors and headphones at the beach. Begin small by purchasing only a couple of detectors. This way your business can begin with little investment. Consider running your business out of the back of a truck bed, so you will have no overhead. Renting metal detectors is a great way to earn money.

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