Make Money Doing Winter Rescues

Make Money Doing Winter Rescues

image001If you own a 4×4 vehicle such as a Jeep, Hummer, or a truck, you could earn money during the wintertime by pulling stranded motorists off the side of the road. Many motorists are reluctant to call a towing service because of the exorbitant fees, but you could offer your services for a minimal charge.

With the right vehicle and accessories, you can earn money by pulling stranded motorists off the side of the road during wintertime storms. You vehicle is an asset when ice storms or heavy snow storms plague cities. Many car owners do not know how to recover their vehicle from being stuck. You can obtain the accessories necessary to pull cars out of a rut and then charge them less than a towing service.

Step One

Gather necessary information about what you need for towing. You will need a hitch. Many hitches come in different classifications. Know your vehicle and about the weight you want to tow. More than likely, you will need a Class 3 Receiver Hitch for pulling cars.

Shop around and find a sturdy and stretchable recovery strap. The strap works by attaching the strap to your vehicle and the motorist’s vehicle.

As you drive away from the motorist, the recovery strap stretches just like a rubber band. It then pulls the vehicle from the stranded area. The straps are flat with sewn loops and no hooks. The recovery straps are safer than chains and are easier to use. Some recovery straps do come with hooks and that may be helpful to you.

You will also need to study towing points of vehicles. Know the towing points of your vehicle and different types of vehicles. If you don’t take the time to study towing points, you could damage the other motorist’s car and be held liable for the damage.

Step Two

After you have bought the necessary accessories and have outfitted your truck with a receiving hitch, you are ready to help people in need. Tell friends and family that you are willing to pull stranded motorists off the side of the road for a price. Call around to different towing services to price check their towing fees. Make certain your prices are lower. Word-of-mouth will cause you to obtain business. If you don’t want to wait until someone calls you, then drive around town in your vehicle and spot stranded motorists.

Step Three

When you arrive to the scene of a stranded motorist, remain calm and allow your cool manner to help calm the other driver. Come to an agreement about your price to pull out their car. Bring with you an already typed document, excusing you from being held liable for any damage which may incur from the towing. Have the driver sign the document before attaching the recovery strap. To protect yourself even further, come to an agreement that you will hook your vehicle and the driver of the other car will hook his vehicle. This way if damage does occur, you are not to blame.

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