Make Money Connecting Electronic Devices

Make Money Connecting Electronic Devices

image001You can earn extra money by connecting electronic devices for people who do not know how. Advertise for your services. You can own and operate your own small business with some skill and business savvy.

With the rise in electronic devices, people struggle learning about the device, and also how to connect it to other devices. For example, families need their Blu-Ray DVD connected to their big screen television, X-box 360 to a television, or a video camera to a television.

Many families need multiple items connected to their big screen, including their personal computer. Having the knowledge of how to connect multiple devices to TV is an advantage for anyone willing to plug into this opportunity.

Step One

Examine your skills. Do you have the skills necessary to perform the tasks necessary? Be honest with yourself. Are you only marginally good at connecting devices? If you believe you need more education consider enrolling in a course or take a workshop. Read everything you can get your hands on, like owner’s manuals or books. Most entrepreneurs possess self-starter qualities as well as a willingness to constantly improve your skills.

Step Two

Decide what types of equipment you can connect. The more you can do the better your pay will be. You will also need to decide how much you will charge for each connection. Choose between a flat rate price and an hourly rate. Most people are not electronically literate and will be willing to pay someone to connect their electronic devices.

Step Three

The equipment you need will be basic tools. Look for pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Also, have plenty of batteries available so you can check the devices to make sure they are working properly. Having quality video cables on hand is a necessity.

Step Four

Find customers. You can begin your business by practicing with family and friends. Offer your services free of charge to obtain a good source of free word of mouth advertising. You can also take an advertisement out in the newspaper. Consider sponsoring local activities to achieve name recognition.

Create your own business cards using computer software. Consider creating a free blog or a website. A brochure works nice for handing out to neighbors and leaving brochures on car windows.

Step Five

You should gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Phone your insurance company and check liability rates. You will need to protect yourself in case a mishap happens.


You can make money by connecting other people’s electronic devices to their television. Many families have several interests, such as playing movies with their DVD player, watching home movies on their television, using their video camera, playing electronic games with different name brands consoles and software, or needing to connect their personal computer to the television. Most people are unaware of how to connect these devices and are willing to pay you for your time.

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