Plant Bulbs and Make Money

Plant Bulbs and Make Money

image001You can earn money by selling flowers in the spring. Plant flower bulbs and watch them and your wallet grow.

Flower bulbs are a fast and easy way to make money during the summer months. Flowers are very popular. People love beautifying their property with an explosion of color during the warm, sunny months.

Step One

To begin with, decide what bulbs you want to grow and sell. Investigate the popularity of specific types of flowers. Some are in demand more than others. Also, different types of flowers may be more expensive than other types.

Step Two

Determine who your target market will be. This is a good opportunity to talk with local wholesalers who would like to buy large quantities from you. Other ideas would include placing your products in the back of a pickup. You can then sell the bulbs or flowers parked on the side of the road to travelers. Another great idea would be to plant the bulbs and then attend craft and garden shows to sell the pre-planted bulbs.

Step Three

Educate yourself on the bulbs you want to sell. Certain bulbs will need to be refrigerated for several weeks, depending on the variety. Determine which variety you want to sell by the month which it blooms. If you are an industrious person you could grow all types of varieties year round to sell.

Find publications which will help you learn more about the flower industry. Some of them focus specifically on flower bulbs. There are also many free newsletters in which you can receive for free.

Step Four

You will need to purchase some materials for your venture. Select the bulbs you want to sell, potting soil, and pots. Other items you may need are a trowel, fertilizer, and insecticide.

Step Five

Gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws. If you wish to sell to wholesalers then you may need to be a legal business entity before they will do business with you.

Step Six

Seek out professional organizations which you can become a member. There are many of these organizations which can help you. They offer you the ability to discuss any questions with other growers and network. Also, they offer training, workshops, and information on flowers.

Step Seven

Market yourself. Create business cards on your personal computer. Using software and images of your flowers, you can fashion a brochure of the products you sell. Begin a free blog or design a website, which will give flower enthusiasts information regarding when you sell your plants and a pricing list. Make sure you make your contact information available on your promotional materials.


You can make money by planting bulbs or selling bulbs. You can also make money by planting the bulbs, watching them grown into beautiful flowers and then selling them. Plant a cash crop today and watch your wallet grow.

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