Monica Shah

What is tasty, blue and helps erase wrinkles: The incredible, edible blueberry.

Behold the blueberry: one of summer's super foods. A small and mighty nutritional force, the blueberry combines more powerful disease-fighting antioxidants then almost any other fruit or vegetable. Just one serving of blueberries provides as many antioxid... Read >

Do You Know How to Ditch the Diet?

Planning for a Your Own Food Makeover.

I'm always hearing about Oprah's new workout plan or the latest star's healthy eating tips. And you can't help but notice the beautiful bodies that graze the covers of the magazines.

Yes, it would be easy to ... Read >

Do Salads Leave You Hungry?

"I'm so healthy"I eat a salad every day for lunch," said Sandra, one of my newer clients.

"But," she quickly added, "I can't stop snacking in the afternoon. At 4:00 I tend to ravage the leftover cookies and bagels from the breakfast and lunch meetin... Read >

Has Procrastination Become Your Daily Workout?

One of the number one ways to procrastinate is to over think. We spend so much time thinking about a decision that we end up losing the moment to act.

I begin each day of my life with a ritual: I wake up at 5:30 AM, put on my workout clothes, my leg-w... Read >

The Truth behind Why You Need To Take Care Of Yourself

For years I've been teaching the importance of self care - taking a break by doing things just for you. It is a chance to listen to your heart every now and then and give your head a mini-vacation. Whether it be a massage, a yoga class, a walk or five min... Read >

The Secret to Cooking: A Full Refrigerator

Can you relate to this? You start out with the best intentions. You intend to cook. You even search the web and pick out recipes or make a list. But then something comes up. You get distracted. You stay at work late or go out with your friends. By the tim... Read >

Enjoy Your Chocolate - Just make it raw

Most people love chocolate but have never tried the raw food where chocolate comes from: cacao beans. People around the world have treasured cacao beans for centuries - in ancient cultures it was used as a currency. Today you can find it in the raw food s... Read >

What is the number one way to avoid holiday weight gain – without deprivation?

SLOW DOWN. Yes, I know you've heard it many times, stress is the precursor behind so many diseases - some would even say that it is the cause of all disease. But did you know that stress; even small amounts of chronic low level stress can stop digestion ... Read >

How to survive on less than eight hours of sleep (without the caffeine!)

For many people"and maybe you're one of them"an extra shot of espresso seems like a quick fix. When you just can't leave work any earlier, or family responsibilities mean less sleep than your body would like, it can be a real challenge. I've got news ... Read >