Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Mindless to Mindful to Mindless Eating

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Have you ever noticed, no matter where you go, most people don't think about what they put into their bodies? They eat what they're used to eating - out of habit, boredom, or for emotional comfort and reward. That's mindless eat... Read >

Sneak Seven Simple Weight Loss Strategies into Your Business Day

By: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Congratulations! You finally made the leap to the next level in your career. Your clear intentions, focus and long hours paid off. You're even feeling good about your masterful work-life balancing act.

Your life is right o... Read >

10 Top Tips to Get Into Your Pants

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Your Moment of Truth

Let's get right to the point. Be brutally honest with yourself. When you look in the mirror, are you happy with how you look? If you are, congratulations! However, if you're like so many of us, you're s... Read >

Guaranteed Weight Loss: Wiggle Room (Rule #3 of 3)

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

If you've been trying to follow the first two rules in the 10+10 For Life food plan (Part I and Part II of this article), you've probably re-discovered one thing.

You like to eat what you like to eat when you like to eat ... Read >

Guaranteed Weight Loss: Stop Eating When Ful Rule #2 of 3

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

As described in the first part of this 3-part article, rule #1 in my weight loss and body best 10+10 for Life is: "Think Addition."

That means add 10 fresh fruits (you can repeat fruits - like 2 apples, 3 bananas, 4 kiwis, ... Read >

Guaranteed Weight Loss: Think addition (Rule #1 of 3)

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Who cares about weight loss anyway? We all do.

How come? Bottom line: to feel good about ourselves and not have to think about it anymore.

Can you even imagine how freeing it would be to slip into any pants your little ... Read >

Weight Loss Solution: Eat 20 Carbs a Day

This is no joke. Are you ready, really ready, to lose weight and build health, fitness, and your body best?

Are you ready to peek over your shoulder in the mirror and look hot in those pants?

Then eat 20 carbs a day.

"What? 20 carbs a day? Are... Read >

Annie Antsy Sabotages Weight Loss

Introducing . . . Annie Antsy
By: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

When Annie Antsy wants something, she wants it - right now!

Like losing weight. And if she doesn't lose it fast enough, she gives up - just like that. I'm so sorry, Ms. Annie. Doesn't work lik... Read >

But Don’t Carbs Make Me Fat?

By: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

No, carbs don't make you fat. They keep you spunky and thin too - if you eat enough to fill you up - and ALIVE! Oh, yeah, minor detail - life!


Let's see how carb clear you are.

Introducing the good guys an... Read >

The 12 Diet Myths that Sabotage Weight Loss

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer
Welcome aboard to America's diet-go-round, one which you may have ridden a few dozen times before. You plan. You measure. You count. You weigh. You sacrifice. You deprive. You starve. You crave. You sneak (as if you can really sne... Read >

Protein, Calcium, Carbs, and Fats Part 2

By: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

In Part 1 of this article we talked about protein and how you don't have to eat meat to get your protein. You may choose to, but don't have to.

I know - lots of this is mind-boggling. It's just not what we've been taught all... Read >

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Drowning in Liquid Calories

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

For all the counting, measuring, weighing, fussing and fretting most of us weight-frenzied Americans do to police calories, we often allow sneaky liquid calories to slide down our throats. Almost one-quarter of the calories th... Read >

Three Simple Rules to Lose Weight and Feel Good About You

By Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Losing weight is about simple, common sense direction - and hope. A simple plan that works for you and hope that you can shed those layers and keep them off - not for the short sprint of a few weeks or months, but forever.

... Read >

7 Simple Strategies to Kill Cravings and Lose Weight

By: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

Americans are well-aware of common addictions: smoking, caffeine, alcohol, amphetamines, prescription pain meds, and sleeping pills. However, most of us are blind to this country's biggest addiction of all: Food. The shocking t... Read >

But Don’t Carbs Make Me Fat?Refined Grains: # 2 Bad-Boy Carb Part 3 of 3

By: Dr. Leslie Van Romer

In Parts 1 and 2 of "Don't Carbs Make Me Fat?" we talked about carbs - the good guys and the bad guys. Miss out on those Lifelines? I'd be happy to email those to you.

Let's review:

=> Where do you get your energy? Good g... Read >