Raymond Burton

4 Tips For Success In 2008

2008 has begun and if you are like me, you've made a few goals for yourself. So what goals have you set for yourself this year? A flat stomach? A tighter butt? Maybe you want to get stronger and finally make those biceps pop. Whatever goal you have set, ... Read >

Making Fitness A Part Of Daily Life

It seems kind of funny to me when people ask how can they make fitness part of their daily lives because I often wonder if they really want the truth. The reason I say that is because fitness is a lot like any other hobby. You have those that dabble and t... Read >

Getting A Good Home Workout

Have you ever dug into a muscle or fitness magazine trying to find an awesome home workout routine? Sometimes it can be hard because a lot of the exercises they list are done on the latest and greatest machines that have rolled out of the factory in the l... Read >

Ignore The Small Things And Spend Time On Action

Have you ever wanted to start to get in shape but found the task overwhelming? It happens to the best of us I can assure you. What fitness program should you start with? What foods do you need to buy? Where should you workout? That stuff is thinking and r... Read >

Create Your V Taper With The Chin Up

First there are two kinds of pulling movements that fall in the chin-up category. The chin-up and the pull-up. Pull-ups are performed with palms pronated (facing away from you). Perform the pull-up just like a lat pull-down, except that the body rises up ... Read >

Getting Beautiful Legs With The Squat

Nothing can change the look of your legs like the squat. Before we get into a routine that will change your lower body in no time flat, lets talk about proper squat form.The first thing to remember about the squat is that the power starts on the heels. St... Read >

Changing Your Body Fast With The Deadlift

The deadlift gets a bad rap these days from overly conservative doctors, chiropractors and, well people that issue insurance policies! The deadlift is not something to be avoided. In fact, if you know how to do the deadlift properly, you will pick up thin... Read >

Using The Push up Exercise For Results

The push up exercise has been a favorite of the military, police, football and fitness crowd pretty much since time began. Most often when push ups are called for, someone did something wrong and push ups for some reason seem to be the answer. While it is... Read >

How To Choose The Right Goals To Focus On

When it comes to setting and accomplishing your goals, often the first step is deciding exactly what goals you want to accomplish. Sometimes picking the actual goals you want to go after is harder than setting and accomplishing the goals themselves. Basic... Read >

Should You Do Cardio Before Or After Your Weight Training Workout?

Should you do cardio before or after your weight workout? Many prefer to do their cardio before lifting to get it out of the way and as a general warm-up. I do endorse a 5 minute pre-workout general warm-up for safety' sake, but for maximum fat loss, post... Read >

Do Propecia And Finasteride Work For Hair Regrowth?

On December 22, 1997, the FDA finally approved Propecia for treating hair loss in male candidates. This approval made Propecia the first FDA approved treatment for male hair loss that comes in pill form. The basics of Propecia are as follows:

The acti... Read >

Can You Achieve Anything You Want?

Have you ever seen Joe Versus the Volcano? I watched it the other night and it made me think. "Why do we have to get shaken out of our stupor with a near death event or a tragic event to decide to live our lives the way we want?"

Why do you want to go ... Read >

High Intensity Cardio Workout The Best Bet For Weight Loss

When is the last time someone told you that a low intensity cardio workout was the best way of achieving maximum weight loss in the shortest time possible? I hear it from clients everyday. Its about 5 minutes later I go into this little routine in one for... Read >

Training For Conditioning And Weight Loss

I've got a new workout routine for you today. It's all about getting ripped and in excellent condition for the summer. So for those of you that want a workout routine to lose weight or simply cut up for the summer this is it.

In this first part of the ... Read >

What To Do When The Weight Loss Stops

Have you ever started a weight loss program, made great results at the beginning and then everything fell apart? You started a resistance training routine, you were eating right, doing your cardio and lost on average a pound or two a week You finally foun... Read >