MTV’s The Hills Provides Inspiration for Games for Girls

About Girl Dress up Games Online

Online Games for girls is a great way to get tweens and teens involved in fashion. It's fun and it's usually free. Moreover, online fashion games enable girls to emulate their TV heroes, to develop their own sense of style, and to get involved in the internet culture in a safe way. The sheer range of free fashion games online is staggering, but they all revolve around the same concept: girls login to a safe environment, and create virtual outfits online by dressing up an avatar with the latest fashions, makeup and accessories, all within a virtual boutique. Free girls' dress up games are the perfect release for tweens and teens looking for new experiences, and seeking to emulate their role models.

Fashion Dress up Games - Reviving an Old Concept

games for girls are not a new idea. The Barbie doll has been captivating girls for generations. However, to enable girls to play new dress up games with the ever-popular doll, parents had to constantly purchase new fashion outfits and no small expense. The great thing about online fashion dress up games is that they are mostly free, and they can be updated to match the latest craze in a time where yesterday's fashion games for girls just won't do. The other great thing about online dress up games is that they are also part of the web 2.0 revolution, which emphasizes user generated content. That means that these new online boutiques display clothing ranges created by the users themselves.

Celebrity Fashion Games - MTV's The Hills

MTV's hit show The Hills can offer a great deal of inspiration for online games for girls. The Hills follows the lives of young fashion conscious women, as they leave home in Laguna Beach, California, and seek independence and a new path to adulthood, away from parental supervision. The main characters in the show, Lonrad Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port, and Heidi Montag, all want to be involved in the fashion world, and in particular, fashion journalism.

Fashion Games Inspired by The Hills

MTV's The Hills represents a golden opportunity to introduce online celebrity fashion games. Such games enable the participating teens to tweens to emulate their heroes, and at the same time to play free fashion games. Websites, offering dress up Games for girls, such as, can promote the show while at the same time offering an online boutique with the fashions worn by the characters from the popular TV show. Fashion items displayed in the boutique could include skinny jeans, the Hills logo T shirts, tank tops, bikini tops, etc. It's a really cool way for tweens and teens to have some free safe fun playing online dress up games.