Paint Games for Kids

Game Ideas Using Acrylic and Spray Paint as Materials

Children love games and messy activities seem even more exciting for them. For once, you can set-up a children's party where kids can get dirty and messy with the use of spray and acrylic paint. For sure, your party will be enjoyed by these youngsters.

Choosing games for kids can be tiresome at times and repeated games can get boring too for your guests. Through paint games and with just two materials, you can make a party come alive.

1. Copy the Kid: With the use of your acrylic and spray pain, having your kid guests copy a funny position on a wall can enhance their artistic skills. In pairs, one kid will pose and the other copies on a wall with the use of paint. The pair who has the best imitation of the pose wins. The judges can also be the kids who were not able to join the paint game. This way, each kid gets to participate.

2. Graffiti: For much older kids, wall graffiti can be a challenging way to show their creative skills. You can get pictures of graffiti art and choose a flyer printing service to produce several sheets of your chosen art pieces. Using posters can be a better solution so that they are big enough to copy. On the wall, a group of kids can compete against another group in copying the same image. Again, the best wall graffiti art wins. To not ruin your wall, you can have your printing company produce gigantic plain colored posters; and to make the game more challenging, using a different color for the poster will work.

3. Paint the Flyers: With old scraps of print flyers lying around the house, you can reuse these items for a one-time game activity. Kids, with the use of spray paint, can decorate the flyer from a distance. In order for the game to be more organized and guided, choosing an object like an airplane, tiger, telephone, or any other simple graphic can direct the game better. Around that, they can design the edges to make a more artistic design. Again, the best picture wins.

Through paint games, kids can familiarize themselves with new art items. With more creative ways and exposure, the more they can find interest in painting activities in school and in play.

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