Cold Crush is now a Hip Fashion Game

Cold Crush is an online fashion boutique that features lots of cool fashion items. It's everything young girls love about clothing. It's full of youthful exuberance and warm summer breezes. It's a about inspirational colors that symbolize a wannabe happy go lucky mood. Cold Crush is about caring for the environment, while making a statement about being young and carefree. It's also about being compassionate and caring for your fellow man. The clothes are designed to be contemporary as well as comfortable: perfect for the beach. Items include long t-shirts, tights, tunics, and hoodies.

Online games for girls are currently very popular. The concept is simple. Create a virtual outfit in an online boutique, choosing from a range of colors and styles. Generally all you do is drag and drop items on an avatar until you get that perfect online design. Online boutiques are always up to date with the latest fashions and trends. Websites offering fashion games also want to bring girls new experiences that are based on fashions that are actually out there on the street. For example, has a boutique featuring the fashions of Cold Crush. Girls can use virtual money to purchase Cold Crush fashions, and dress up an avatar. It's great fun, and it looks incredibly real.

Websites such as, which offer online fashion dress up games, are the perfect expression of the web 2.0 revolution. Such websites enable teens not only to buy outfits with virtual money, but also to create their own fashion boutiques, where they can display and sell clothes to other girls.

Games for girls are not a new idea. The Barbie doll has been captivating girls for generations. However, to enable girls to play new dress up games with the ever-popular doll, parents had to constantly purchase new fashion outfits, and at no small expense. The great thing about online fashion dress up games is that they are mostly free. These type of games are also regularly updated to match the latest craze, at a time where yesterday's fashion games for girls just won't do.

Free fashion games are also the perfect opportunity for teens and tweens to experience being entrepreneurs. By creating their own boutiques, and by selling their own creations to other members using virtual money, girls gain a great deal of satisfaction.

Online boutiques enable tweens and teens to develop their sense for fashion, while having fun at the same time. The Cold Crush brand is very popular with teens and tweens, as such it's a great source of inspiration for online fashion boutiques featuring items from the hip new line.