How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back The Easy Way

Your ex boyfriend just broke up with you or you broke up with your ex boyfriend for whatever reasons and then suddenly realized you still have feelings for him and decided to work things out for the second time, bottom line you want your ex boyfriend back but you ask yourself "How?" Just follow these simple ways to get him crawling back to you.

Pour your heart out. It's normal to cry and feel depressed after a break up with your boyfriend. Go with the flow of how you feel. The first stage after a break up is always the most emotional because different feelings will sink in. You may feel angry at yourself or with your boyfriend. You would come up with various thoughts asking yourself what went wrong, or what you did for him to break up with you. You may question him but not all man will tell the truth. He may come up with arguments to cover the primary reason. You may also feel happy or relieved this is because you are trying to find a positive side after a break up. Allow these emotions to penetrate because it will help you cope up.

Stay away from areas that remind you of your ex boyfriend this will only trigger bad emotions. Explore other places instead. Go to newly opened restaurants or cafes or venues you haven't dined before. Invite your family or friends, this will help you get your mind off your ex boyfriend.

Make new traditions. When you got used to weekly night time movies and Sunday outdoor activities with your ex boyfriend, not having him around anymore may seem out your routine. Try activities that will boost your health and mental ability. Go to the gym or try new sports, shape up your body, or suggest weekly spa dates with your girlfriends. Remember, you are doing this for yourself not for your boyfriend.

No communication. Rekindling a past love by reconnecting with your ex may not be such a good idea for now. You don't want him to get a wrong idea. Men want something they are challenged to get.

Never appear distressed. By following the above advices you'll never appear withered like a dying rose. You'll improve your chances at winning your ex boyfriend back. Once he sees you he'll be surprised how magnificent you look after the break up, and making him regret his actions. He'll be allured by how well you coped up. And he'll want you back.

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