Richard Stone

Management - The Sheep, The Parasites And The Wolves

Management training courses often look at examples of leadership styles to identify the elements that contribute to organisational and team success. If you study companies who have experienced great success in recent years you will find that they have as ... Read >

How To Manage Redundancies

Concerns over how to deal effectively with redundancies has been a key theme at recent managent training sessions. The current unsettled economic situation requires managers to be ready to cope with the challenge of managing redundancies in their organi... Read >

Tips To Improve Sales Efficiency

Experiencing a cost explosion in field sales departments can cause many managers to complain about rising costs of training their sales force. The following five instruments can help you get personnel costs under control.

The costs incurred in personal... Read >

Resignation Threats? How To Keep Your Good Sales People

A high turnover rate is one of the principal problems facing the field sales department today. This is due to an increasing trend of sales staff changing jobs more frequently. If first-rate sales people leave the business, you have to deal with fiscal los... Read >

How To Build Self Confidence In Salespeople

Every first contact with a potential client is a journey into the unknown: no salesperson knows what reception they will get and whether the visit will be successful or not. The natural reaction to this uncertainty is fear. Therefore to help overcome this... Read >

Fear Inhibits Salespeople's Powers Of Persuasion

Sales management facing clients with more self assurance

the famous physicist, Marie Curie, once said: "There is nothing in this world we need fear, if we only understand it!" Fear is the greatest obstacle to success in sales. Many sales people who par... Read >

How To Negotiate Correctly With The Japanese

Japanese managers prepare for their discussions with Western associates by having intensive discussion exercises. The negotiating style, on the other hand, quite often presents problems to European managers. Therefore, this is a popular topic on sales tra... Read >

How Well Do you Assess Customer Satisfaction?

How to ensure every sales person finds out the client's real needs and then meets these needs is the focus of many sales managers on management training courses I have attended. This is hardly surprising because high priority has to be given to ensuring c... Read >

Dealing With Aggressive Clients

No individual enjoys being shouted at or getting reproaches or accusations. However always remember: even when a customer presents their grievance in an ill-mannered way, they do not mean it personally. Delegates attending sales training courses repeatedl... Read >

Do You Understand Your Sales Team?

Sales training experts say that less experienced mangers can find sales people challenging to manage. To manage them you need to understand them. Compared with other employees, sales people are often more outgoing, active, sometimes even stubborn. It is t... Read >

Management changes In Sales

As in almost all markets of trade and industry there are great changes currently taking place in sales. As covered on many sales training courses, traditional sales are losing significance and/or have new work emphases, the new media are opening previousl... Read >

What Causes Conflict Between Managers and Salespeople

In roughly 30% of business relationships between sales people and sales managers the two parties fall out every year and is a reason why mangers want management training. This has spurred the Business Psychology Institute to carry out an extensive survey ... Read >

Selling IT Solutions

Technology suppliers can often be much more interested in the developments in technology than they are with their own clients. This effect of a lack of client orientation is widely known by representatives that attend sales training programmes: new system... Read >

Tips to Identify Willingness to Achieve when Interviewing

A willingness to achieve is an important factor to consider when selecting applicants for a position in sales. Whilst sales training can improve specific skills the central question in any test of an applicant is: is this an employee who possesses commitm... Read >

Tips For Asking Questions

Asking the right questions is a vital factor to closing sales and forms a key part to a good sales training course.

Salespeople usually focus on securing an order; so closing is their main concern. However, emphasis on the end of the sales process oft... Read >