Kate Tammemagi

Customer Service Role-plays, designing a Customer Service Training Module

Customer service role-plays are essential to training and improving the skills of customer service personnel. A well designed thirty minute training module using role-plays will give a quick boost to focus, knowledge, skills and customer focus.

Using c... Read >

The Objectives in Managing People – People Management

What are the objectives in managing people? This is the starting point for any new Manager or Supervisor. In people management, what are the goals? How will you know when they you been successful? In people management, as with every other endeavour, a cle... Read >

The Definition of Exceptional Customer Service

A clear definition of exceptional Customer service is important for any business. When is a Customer service experience exceptional, when is it BAD and when is it good, but NOT exceptional? Everyone knows that Customer satisfaction and keeping the Custome... Read >

The Best Source of Sales Tips and Techniques for Sales Professionals

All Sales professionals want to improve their sales skills. They are also on a hunt for a new sales tip, or a fresh thought to motivate themselves to achieve more sales this week. This article outlines the best, quickest, most accessible and cost free sou... Read >

Improving Management Style - Methods of Reinforcement

All effective Managers use good methods of reinforcement and use them effectively. It is impossible to train staff, motivate teams or achieve a high level of performance without them. Any manager can improve their management style by improving this aspect... Read >

The Advantages of Teamwork at the Office

An office environment can be intense. It might be pressure from workload, tension with office relationships, stressful problems that are difficult to solve or the ever-increasing demands from Management. Good teamwork at the office will put all these nega... Read >

Positive Attitude in Sales - Use These Words That Sell

A positive attitude is a key sales tool. A positive attitude is something sales people work on, practice, sharpen and tune. Attitude breeds attitude, and if you are negative, the other person will be negative. Positive thoughts lead to positive language, ... Read >

Professional Sales Training – Managing Leads to Generate New Sales

Many Sales Professionals are very comfortable maintaining long term relationships and developing repeat business from existing clients. However, it is the goal of every Company to retain existing business and to develop new clients and new sales. This inv... Read >

Management Coaching, Using Learning Styles in Coaching and Training

In management coaching, we can assume that individuals will learn in a very definite way. For example, a Manager may assume that if you tell them, people will learn; others will say that it is better to show them, and then they will learn. Managers think ... Read >

How to Give Feedback to Manage Performance

Receiving feedback on your effort, your attitude or your performance is the way that you learn, improve or are motivated to maintain a good performance. Giving feedback effectively and frequently is a key requirement of the role of Manager or Supervisor. ... Read >

What is Good Customer Service? What is Exceeding Expectations?

Good customer service is key to any business. Your competitors are competing with you not only in terms of products and price, but also in terms of their experience of your service and your people. In times of recession and low spending, good customer se... Read >

How to Build a High Performing Team

Building a high performing Team is a key part of the role of a Manager. ‘High performing' comes from two distinct elements, high performing individual Team members, and a Team that is moving towards the stage of High Performance. An effective Manager ... Read >

Improving Sales Results, Success in making Sales Appointments

Making sales appointments is an essential part of the sales process in all direct selling situations. You need a sales appointment to give us a platform where you can apply your excellent consultative sales skills to the advantage of both parties. But mak... Read >

Insurance Industry – Increase Sales and Retention from your Customer Service Team

The Insurance marketplace is highly competitive, with internet buying, increased insurance claims and tighter margins. Most Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies are searching for that winning edge, but frequently miss the full potential offered when ... Read >

Leadership - The Goals and Objectives of running Team Meetings

A Team Leader, at any level, is responsible for building a high performing Team. The main tool or process for the Team Leader to build their Team is the Team Meeting. Unfortunately, in the real world, meetings are not always interesting and productive aff... Read >