Photos into Paintings

Shopping for portrait art online has never been easier! Photos into paintings mainly include entirely handmade, lifelike portrait art that can be ordered safely online via a reputed, long-established, reliable and professional portraits paintings shop.

However, art lovers appreciating artistically created charcoal drawings and oil on canvas colour portraits shouldn�t forget to first investigate what the numerous online portrait painting providers have to offer them.

After having done some online research they�ll discover soon that the offered fees for art gifts online of often similar artistic quality can differ enormously! Particularly, most of the North American, European and British portrait artists ask too high prices for the portrait art gifts they offer!

Great value for money is offered by portraitists in Thailand, turning photos into brilliant paintings. Chiang Mai in particular is home to some of the most talented portraiture artists. Nearly all professional painters in this city enjoyed their education at one of Thailand�s officially recognised art schools, such as the internationally acclaimed Silpakorn University of Fine Arts in Bangkok.

Chiang Mai art painters are specialised in creating lifelike portrait paintings from photos. The artworks they create could be copies of the pictures they used to draw or paint the portraits.

Professional portrait artists in Thailand will only use the best art materials in order to create 100% hand-painted canvas paintings and charcoal pencil drawings, while rates are much more lucrative than those offered by most of the European, British and American art painters.

Chiang Mai portrait art from pictures can now be ordered online as well. Since March 2010, a Dutch managed art painting gallery provides online portrait commissions at very reasonable prices. In general, customers that place orders through their user-friendly website will receive the commissioned portrait art at their home address within 15 working days.

Buying portrait art from photos via their site is very easy. Anyone can do it! Customers can upload their most favoured photo to the site and safely pay via PayPal. As soon as Chiang Mai Portrait Art has received the (down) payment, one of their art school graduated portrait painters will start creating a lifelike charcoal drawing or oil colour portrait from the uploaded picture.

Chiang Mai Portrait Art will keep customers informed about the artwork�s progress and once it is finished they will send a digital picture of the portrait for customers to review. This gives customers the option to request certain changes. When they�re completely satisfied with the portrait art�s end result, their portrait will be posted to the provided address free of charge!

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