James Slobodzien

Addictions Recovery Measurement & the Seven Dimensions Model

Introducing a Multidimensional Recovery Measurement Model for Addictions

The sun was thought to revolve around the earth for 1500 years. It wasn't until a European astronomer named - Nicolaus Copernicus first formulated a modern heliocentric theory of ... Read >

Chess & the 7 – Dimensions of Life

"The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the
Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature
and the player on the other side is hidden from us"
(Thomas Huxley)

Our universe is in a constant process of deteri... Read >

Christian Psychotherapy for Convicts?

Repeated research studies have revealed that secular efforts at rehabilitation have been unsuccessful in preventing recidivism. Not one of the various approaches to psychological counseling has been able to demonstrate success statistically in helping inm... Read >

Christian Religious Addiction in Hawaii?

Surveys show that religion and spirituality play a central role in the lives of most of the population in human experience. Gallup (1989) found that 53% of the U.S. population considers religion to be very important in their life, and another 31% consider... Read >

Screening for Poly-Behavioral Addiction

Introducing the Behavior Risk Assessment Screen (BRAS) for Patients with Multiple Addictions.
By James Slobodzien, Psy.D., CSAC

With the end of the Cold War, the threat of a world nuclear war has diminished considerably. It may be hard to imagine t... Read >

Elephants and Poly-behavioral Addiction

As I climbed 15-feet on a wooden ladder to the top of an old platform, next to this wall of leathery gray flesh, I caught a good whiff of fresh animal dung that immediately cleared my sinuses. Attempting to hide my fear from my wife with a poker face, an... Read >

Pathological Eating Disorders and Poly-Behavioral Addiction

Proposing a New Diagnosis and Theory for Patients with Multiple Addictions
By James Slobodzien, Psy.D., CSAC

When considering that pathological eating disorders and their related diseases now afflict more people globally than malnutrition, some expert... Read >