Celebrating Halloween in July

Halloween is an exciting time of year for people of all ages. Children get to dress up and stroll the neighborhood for candy, teenagers feel mature the first Halloween they spend giving out candy instead of taking it. Young adults dress up and party or go to bars, and parents and grandparents get to watch their children get excited over new costumes and adventure.
Unfortunately, this time of year only comes once ever 365 days. Dressing up and disguising your self as someone else is a fun and timeless activity that many would do more if the occasion was around. This is why many people are now having Halfway to Halloween celebrations during the summer.
Halfway to Halloween is usually held in May, June, or July as it marks the halfway point to the holiday. A Halfway to Halloween celebration can mean a party, a get together, a contest; essentially anything that can be done on Halloween, minus the trick-or-treating random neighbors part. Here are some ways to celebrate Halfway to Halloween:

-Throw a house party that is Halloween themed. Have the guests wear costumes and bring candy to share with everyone. Decorate the house with spooky decorations like ghosts, skeletons, witches, and pumpkins.

-Have a costume contest. This can be held at a club, a party, a neighborhood or company function, anywhere there is people. Gives prizes to the best dressed, most unique, scariest, etc.

-Have the costumes be summer themed, since it's halfway, or combine parts of summer with Halloween, such as a hula girl skeleton, or a masked surfer.

-Organize a block party in your neighborhood where children can dress in costumes and get candy from neighbors. Have fun summer music, a pool, and a barbeque for the summer feel.

-Have a specific costume theme for the party or get together, such as masquerade, celebrities, or careers. Other ideas are costumes that must have something to do with the color blue (or any other color), or a letter of the alphabet. For example, if your theme is a costume that starts with the letter "B", people can dress as bees, babes, Britney Spears, etc.

There are many reasons why having a Halfway to Halloween celebration is beneficial and fun, here are some reasons:

-Costumes can be made of contemporary celebrities that would otherwise be outdated come Halloween, such as politicians, musical celebrities, and 15-minute wonders.

-Costume parties can break up the summer monotony of having the same celebrations over and over.

-Anyone of any age can participate.

-While most Halloween specialty stores are closed, there are still many places to get materials to make your own costume, or buy one online, such as Yandy.

In summation, if you're summer is boring, or you have a costume idea you're dieing to do, having a Halfway to Halloween celebration will elicit fun and is uniquely refreshing in the summer.

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