Hot Topics - 3 Ways to Make Money Online

There are lots of ways by which one can earn money with their computer and work at home.

With or without having to make an investment one can earn money on the internet by investigating some of the ways by which one can earn money online.

Get paid to view ads:

There are lots of websites that offer users and its member’s money for viewing ads.

When the user views or clicks the ad, they get paid for that.


Member s need to answer the surveys, and will be paid a specified amount for answering that specified survey.

Get paid to doing micro jobs:

There are some websites like microworkers.

com, which offer micro jobs that are posted by requesters.

Based on the proof submitted, the requester will pay the worker for the job they completed.

Get paid to do jobs in "Amazon Mechanical Turk"

Amazon offers a website called mturk.

Workers earn money for each HIT they complete.

Mturk offer many option to workers by which they can withdraw funds.

Indian workers can ask for check that can be deposited in their bank account.