Can You Make Money Online Free?

Well I guess the short answer is yes you can make money online free but there are a few problems with trying to do this.
When people first start out trying to earn money online they normally give it up as they do not see any reward for their work.
Let me just examine this a little closer in the areas where I have some expertise.
I have tried this and it is not pleasant, 2 days of placing ads for a measly $50.
You may be lucky enough to have a website with buying traffic but your still paying your server and domain costs so that isn’t exactly free.
First ensure you blog is updated on a daily basis with quality content, then you need backlinks, I ll say that again you need backlinks.
Again to do this free is going to take a lot of your time.
So to sum it up yes you can make money online without spending a dime however you may also struggle making a dime.