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Peach Chiffon Party Beauty

The artificial chiffon fabric has been well worked out by choosing the effect of calm peach colour as its base. The dark peach colour looks fine with the designs and features of this saree. The woven floral patterns in the saree body, pleats and pallu are... Read >

Stunning Mauve Contemporary Saree

The breathtaking mauve saree is truly contemporary. The saree is aesthetically decorated with floral and circular patterns. The other part of the saree has patched floral foliage with beautiful leafs and twines. The tricolor border patch frames the elegan... Read >

Expressive Yellow Evening Saree

The beautiful yellow false georgette saree is a delightful evening wear. The saree looks extraordinary in the pastel shaded floral patterns which are highly captivating. The cute floral patterns in the body are accentuated with fancy woven patch border. T... Read >

Pinkish Mauve Color Sarees

When it comes to sarees our Indian women turn the shop upside down to get the most rare and cute shade. Let a lady into a saree shop and the place would soon be in a huge mess. The shop attendants are not as shocked as others are, because they live in it ... Read >

The Beautiful Party Wear

This striped wonder is an unfathomed marvel. We are certainly talking about the gorgeous saree shaded in brown, beige and mauve. Intelligent alternations of colours are blended skillfully with the stripes. The Saree has an aura of elegance with it that w... Read >

Saree a traditional wear

A women always looks elegant in a saree, she looks like a symbol of grace and poise in a saree. And a saree is also a comfortable wear for all occasions and at the same time looks elegant on the person using it. A saree is always associated with traditio... Read >

Ornate Sharara Saree

The Ornate Sharara Saree in eye-catching mauve is perfect for the trendy woman of today. It is the epitome of the modern woman complete with bright colors and eye catching designs. Great for dinner parties and special occasions. In a world where being one... Read >

Designer Sarees for Today

In todays modern trend the designer sarees are given more importance as they look trendy and fashionable. Some of the designer sarees are listed below:

In Lush Butterfly Pallu Saree the women give the impression of being refined and pleasing to the ey... Read >

Shades of green

A saree always makes the person wearing it look more beautiful. It is said that a womens calm and elegance nature is shown only through the saree. A saree which is a long strip of cloth better represents the proud Indian tradition and culture to the worl... Read >

Pure Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees are the just right clothing for ladies of all ages and occasions of all sorts. The silk sarees are being crafted using the superior quality silk. These sarees are cherished for their good-looking prints and also for their outstanding color com... Read >

BookMyRoom-SA has partnered with Greater Addo

As part of our ongoing aim to promote the wider regions of South Africa, Greater Addo is absolute must for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

The Addo Elephant National Park, with its core situated in the Sundays River Valley and stretching from the... Read >