Myine Electronics IRA Wi fi Internet radio adapter

Do you have wireless Internet? Are you wanting to get FREE music, sports, and reports from around the world? Uninterested in confusing language and confusing features? Meet Ira - Our Wi fi Internet radio adapter that connects immediately to any wireless net network. Extra features were intentionally removed so you can speedily hear free music songs, sports, and , without the additional hassles. Save 20% Now, promo code DENNIS - expire in 24 hours : The Ira Wi fi Internet radio adapter In addition, Ira Wi fi Internet radio adapter sets up in about 2.5 mins and it does not need a notebook. Ira Wi fi Internet radio adapter has over ten thousand stations from just about each country in the world. Filter by location or idiom to find new stations in under thirty seconds. enjoy NPR or your favourite local channels in CD like quality. Contains an one-touch "STAR" button to store up to forty of your favourite stations. This little Wi fi Internet radio adapter is jumping-up-and-down cool. The very first thing I did after I connected it to my receiver was to turn it on and go thru the menu and set the date and time and hook up to my home WiFi network. Wi fi Internet radio adapter has with a manual which is nicely written and comprehensible, but I did not even need it. The IRA Wi fi Internet radio adapter is trendy looking, even though it's made from plastic. The display screen is simply readable and the menus are straightforward to navigate. You can search by country, class of music, stations, or new or popular stations. I also tried it with the Wi fi Internet radio adapter, wired into a little clock radio and that worked fine too. Regardless of what is your taste in music, there are a few things here for anybody. And if you're learning a foreign language, what easier way than to hear a newscast from that country using Wi fi Internet radio adapter? Once the Ira Wi fi Internet radio adapter is plugged in, it will right away search for your wireless network and within mins it will identify your router. Ira Wi fi Internet radio adapter can then be connected up to any audio receiver or amplifier with RCA audio inputs or one / 7" ( 5.5mm ) auxiliary audio input. Using the wireless RC you can search thru over 12 000 different radio stations of digital quality audio. You have option to search by location, kind of music, station, or new and favored stations ; you may even store up to 42 of your favourite stations. listen to all of the songs and shows the world has to offer with the Ira Wi-Fi net Radio. At first I got a network timeout, but then I just reset the unit and everything worked ideally after the fast setup. thousands of stations are available and it creates a superb audio source for a whole home audio system. The included radio control made it really comfortable to use. Myine states that it makes products that "make music accessible to customers with some time or technical sophistication." The IRA applies. The Wi fi Internet radio adapter took about 2.5 minutes to set up and start using. Listening to web radio doesn't cost a cent if you've got an Internet-connected PC and speakers. But even that outline isn't completely correct. Standalone Wi-Fi net radios, including Myine's IRA Wi fi Internet radio adapter and Aluratek's WiFi Wireless net Radio Tuner, Home Theater Edition, get round the PC connection by drumming right into a wireless router instead. Buy Cheap Ira Wi fi Internet radio adapter

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