Craig Garber

"WHO" should Be Selling In Your Sales Copy?

Who's "voice" your sales letter is written in, is a very
important factor you MUST consider,
before you ever sit down and write ANYTHING.

And of course, your entire marketing "angle" is going to be
dependent on that voice as well.

Generally, you ... Read >

What You Must Avoid Doing, If You Want To Keep Your Prospect Glued To Your Sales Copy

Yesterday while doing a sales copy review -- a problem kept
coming up repeatedly, and it's one I see very often. The
problem is...

Wasted Words.

A lot of times when you're writing copy, since you know "the
more you tell, the more you sell" you fe... Read >

What To Do With Looky-Loos And Subscribers Who Waste Your Time!

Remember that old television show " The Twilight Zone"?

It originally ran from 1959 to 1964 on the CBS network, and
was one of the most provocative and controversial shows of
its time. The show's narrator, host, and main writer, Rod
Serling, always... Read >

What To Do When Your Little Girl Leaves Home

Today I am NOT going to be talking about marketing.

It is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

And I also will NOT be telling you anything about writing
sales copy... and I probably won't help you come up with
your next USP either.

Today ... Read >

How To Use FREE Report Giveaways To Attract New Business!

A few days ago, I exposed a foolish letter I wrote to try
and get prospects when I first became a freelance
copywriter. (Just go here in case you missed

Do you know what the right wa... Read >

How To Write A Compelling Display Ad To Sell Whatever You Want

How come you're seeing certain ads over-and-over again?

Why are they working. and why do some display ads deserve to
be nothing more than bird cage lining.

Since we've been discussing sales copy "voices" lately, I'll
let you in on a little secret ... Read >

How To Find "Mr. X", And When To Let Him Start Selling For You

Over the last couple of days we've been talking about
something few people stop and take the time to consider,
BEFORE they go ahead and start writing their sales copy --
and that is -- whose "voice" your sales copy should be
written in.

Remember, w... Read >

How To Grow Your Business By Following Microsoft's Lead

One of the problems my consulting clients consistently ask
me about especially if they are in the information marketing
business (most of them are) has to do with "What should you be
selling your customers?"

Here's what Microsoft did in a similar si... Read >

How To Leverage Dr. suess... Walt Disney... And Yes, Even Elvis... Into More Sales

If you're using direct mail, and you want to boost your
response, make sure you're using first class
"live" stamps, as opposed to using "machine" stamped, or
pre-sorted bulk rate mail.

Nothing tells you "Hey, there's a sales letter inside this
env... Read >

Here's What Happens When You Leave The "Seduction" Out Of Your Selling

Last week, I revealed an embarrasing letter I used to send
out when I first got into copywriting, and how I tried to
pick up clients with it.

You can see that

Anyway, ... Read >

Here's A Little-Known But Very Serious Mistake Made By Nearly All Marketers

Here's a very common mistake people make when they're trying
to get new business.

And I'm going to use my own foolish screw-up to illustrate it.

It goes to show you what I keep trying to drum into your
thick skull, and that is... if you use it rig... Read >

What Did Richard Pryor Know About Marketing, That Most Business Owners Are Scared To Death About?

What Did Richard Pryor Know About Marketing, That Most Business Owners Are Scared To Death About?

You may know exactly how much of a comic genius Richard Pryor was, however few people are aware of what a marketing
genius he was too. Here's why:

Lik... Read >

Why Saying TOO Much, Is Costing You Sales!

Some things are better left unsaid, and when it comes to writing sales copy, saying TOO much, will in fact, cost you sales.

Look, writing sales copy isn't easy -- everybody knows that. But how do you know when you haven't said enough... and when you... Read >

Which One Of These "Incidental" Yet Sales-Killing Mistakes Are You Making In Your Sales Co

Today I want to talk about something that was in our original mock ad that may seem incidental, but the way it was
handled, is GUARANTE-ED to lower your response.

You can check out that original ad, and even print
out a copy of it, right here:

htt... Read >

When Marketing Liars Get Caught -- And What You Should Be Doing Instead

Ever see an ad and just "sense" that it's an outright lie? Or maybe even more frustrating, ever write an ad yourself, and feel you can't make your sales pitch accurately "unless" you're lying?

Don't worry, because I'm going to tell you exactly how to
... Read >