Consumer Debt

Consumer debt is, by definition, consumer credit which is outstanding. It can be in the form of credit card debt, consumer financing such as a home mortgage, and payday loans. In economic terms, consumer debt is that which is used to fulfill consumption rather than investment. It's the difference between purchasing clothing, groceries, and every day items as opposed to homes, cars, boats, etc. which are considered investments.

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Consumer debt is an enormous part of the economy. It is viewed as a way to increase manufacturing and production because through credit, consumers can buy more things. In theory, and historically, consumers used credit to smooth the path on a temporary basis, and would then pay it down during high earning periods. Traditionally, this worked in the American economy because there was a certain cultural taboo against being very far in debt. All that changed within the last decade, and people began to live more and more on credit. What was once a short term solution for purchasing became a long term one, and many American consumers found themselves mired in debt.

There are still areas where consumer debt is considered useful, but where previous generations saved up for big ticket items, they are now being purchased on credit. This type of consumer credit was fine when the economy was strong, but when it weakened and job losses, business cutbacks, and lowered income became common place, so did the number of consumers who were caught in overwhelming credit debt. With bankruptcy laws changing to make it more difficult to declare one, consumers are now turning to debt resolution companies to make an effort to get out of debt.

Relief from consumer debt usually starts with ceasing any credit spending, and by working with professional debt resolution companies who help consumer's work their way out of deep debt. With the average American family having around $17,000 in unsecured consumer debts, the incentive to get out of debt and stay out of debt is a pressing need. When consumer debt creates defaults, home ownership is effected if consolidation loans have been taken out, credit ratings start to plummet, and even the long term future can be effected.

Debt resolution and credit counseling companies are a good choice for the consumer who wishes to get out of debt, and stay there. Through various methods of debt consolidation, debt settlement, and debt resolution, the consumer can be taken through processes to relieve and eventually eliminate consumer debt.

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