Butterfly Back Tattoo Designs for Women

Butterflies are perhaps the most celebrated and preferred designs by women in the world of tattoos. Women always want to be adorned with butterfly tattoos no matter how common they are as tattoo designs.
One of the sexiest tat themes that women can get are back tattoo designs and a beautiful butterfly tattoo art can even make it more interesting and beautiful.

There are a lot of variations for this type of body art. Some go for it with either tribal or Celtic touch which is usually placed on the lower back. Others combine it with flowers as if recreating a butterfly ready to feed nectar from it anytime. A lot of women who can't get enough of tattoos ended up having a full back design of colorful garden with a variety of butterflies of various colors and sizes flying around.

Butterflies are graceful, charming and enchanting and the sight of them always leads one to the sunny side of life. They have always been associated with beauty,love and happiness which are fundamentals in a woman's life. That is why, women can naturally relate to them because of their natural and physical characteristics making them an all time favorite tattoo image.

The symbolical meaning attach to them is definitely the reason why they are classic and timeless tat design. Butterfly tattoos can represent a change or transformation that a woman undergoes. It can also stand for freedom, that she is ready to face the challenge that the world around her awaits. It can also mean rebirth, a new life or a new beginning after going through some rough times.

Butterfly tattoos are among the most versatile, adaptable and flexible of all tattoo images in terms of all aspects, be it color, placement or size. . They are very feminine yet dramatic, touching and interesting wherever part of the body they will be tattooed at. With all of these being said, there will be definitely more butterfly tattoos in the years to come.

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