Binary Options Trading Making It Easy to Make Money Day Trading

The new field of binary options trading has opened whole new worlds of opportunity for day trading for high yields. Simple up (calls) or down (puts) positions are yielding 60% or more to successful traders.

Emerging Binary Options Trading Program Simplifies Day Trading
Binary options trading is an exciting emerging field in the world of investing. As the name implies, there are only two potential outcomes in a binary options trading contract - win or lose. The way most contracts are structured there is a fixed payout for win (typically 75% profit plus return of initial investment), while the lose payout is typically around a 15% return of capital. Maybe a few numbers would help.

Small Day Trading Positions Reap High Yields
A successful $200 trade in a binary options trading contract would pay $350 ($200 initial investment plus 75% profit), while an unsuccessful trade might pay $30 (15% of the original $200 investment). It does seem strange to receive a return of some capital on an incorrect action, but that helps make the market work - and really creates some interesting hedging opportunities. It's almost like getting a 'parting gift' on a game show, no?

Limited (But Well Known) Securities to Trade
There are some limitations on the available opportunities to participate in this market, as there presently aren't a wide variety of securities traded on it. On the other hand, those few securities which are traded on the binary options trading markets are extremely well known, highly liquid securities such as the US Dollar/Yen fx rate, Google, Nasdaq Index, and Microsoft.

Quick Turnover Pleases Active Day Traders
One great aspect of this type of investment is the quick turnover rate of investments. Options expire hourly, meaning your investment payoff occurs within the same day - rather than the weeks, months, and years it may take to see a return in other forms of investments.

Low Starting Capital Opens Door to Small Cap Investing
Another really great aspect of this emerging market is the low barriers to entry. It only takes $100 to open account - a stark comparison to the ten thousand dollars needed to open a traditional options account with your regular brokerage.

Learn More About Binary Options Trading
Binary options trading is a low cost, fast paced, high return way of making money fast in the stock market. Because the trades expire hourly and have a simple up or down payout structure they are easy to understand and manage. Open a binary options trading account. It can take only two successful $200 day trades to net $300/day in profit.

Steve B. Wise

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