Beware of the Dangers of Overtraining When Building Muscle

Do you always love going to the home gym on a basis? Strength training on a day by day basis should not impose any problems as long as you are not over-doing it. When you, your body is the first to feel it. Mentally, you may consider that you are getting a wonderful workout. No pain, no gain, right? Sometimes this happens Workouts need to be strenuous, but they don't all have to end in blood sweat and tears.

Did you know that too much exercise is detrimental to your muscle growth? If you are not giving your body the appropriate rest that it needs, your workouts will be useless.

You need to be conscious of fitness overtraining. Some simple indicators that you are getting too much exercise may include: Fatigue, headaches, insomnia, elevated morning pulse, loss in appetite, inability to complete workouts, and unexplained weakness.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, and you are exercising regularly', you may need to discontinue for a while. Your body needs time to rest in order to have better performance. If you do not allow rest periods in between workouts, you could be putting your joints, muscles and ligaments at risk for illness.

Get a day of rest between each worked muscle group. If they are still a bit achy, then you may need to give them up to 3 days of rest before working them again. Some people will alternate their body parts twice a week and give their bodies a full week of rest.

In one instance, you may do chest and back on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, Triceps and biceps on Thursday, and shoulders and abs on Friday. This is a safer route to take, unless you prefer doing it differently, just be sure to rest.

It is absolutely imperative that you become aware of instances of overtraining because the effects can be dangerous to your health.

Another way on how to look for and avoid fitness overtraining is to pay attention to the physical signs. In the case that you are feeling exhausted or weak during training sessions, you will want to be sure to check in with your doctor to be sure that it is nothing more than attention to the size of your muscles. Are they getting bigger or staying the same size?

There is a chance that if you are overtraining that your muscles are actually becoming smaller. When muscles are worked out, they do not have time to grow and get stronger. Only when you allow them time to rest do they grow and improve in shape and size. When a muscle is overworked, it shrinks in size and decreases in vitality because it becomes weak from being worked so much.

Remember, resting is essential for maximal muscle potential. Many people are oblivious of this and this is regrettable because this is the reason why so many are not advancing as quickly as they would like. Too much exercise can be a stumbling block to achieving your fitness goals.
Make sure not to focus too much on working out. Take your time and have patience. By taking some time off to recover properly between workouts, you will get the results in no time.

There is no value in overworking your muscles by pushing them beyond their limits for longer than an hour. You will do more harm to the cells and inhibit growth. Strive to feed your body, rest it and work it regularly for continued good health. You can lose the fat and gain your strength and endurance if you follow these simple rules. Get my free manual on trimming the fat and feeling great and getting fit. Go to =>

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