Who pays what?

Who pays what?
The following is a breakdown of the usual costs, but keep in mind that families need to be flexible and, above all, setting the day of your dreams without breaking the budget of the person.
Married family
Married ring
Bridesmaid luncheon
Party the first commitment
invitations, announcements, boxes, stationery, programs, personal wedding thank you notes
Accessories wedding dress, veil, development
wedding dress of the mother, the father of the bride formal
flower arrangements for the ceremony and reception, bouquets for the bridesmaids and flower girls
Rate the site of the ceremony, the sacristan, organist, soloist, hallway carpet rental, tent or huppah
wedding photos and engagement and Video
Transportation to the site of the wedding ceremony and reception
all the services of professional reception, food, drinks, decorations, music, etc.
Bride buys wedding gifts for his attendants and groom.
Groom Family
The engagement and wedding ring Brides
engagement party (which must follow a party hosted by the bride's family)
a rehearsal dinner
wedding thank you notes
personal stationery
Formal wedding
dress their mothers, parents of formal clothes
bridal bouquet, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, boutonnieres for best man and ushers
marriage license, clergy member or honorary judges
Limousine airport, honeymoon
The groom buys wedding gifts for attendants and groom.
Sponsor and / or ushers host the bachelor party
maid of honor and / or bridesmaids host a bridal shower and can arrange a girls night in
maid of honor and bridesmaids to pay for their dresses and accessories (shoes, too), the ushers rent their formal wear
participants living in the area can provide participants with the city a place to stay
Participants can give wedding gifts, individually and in their resources to a group gift
Sharing Options
Brides or grooms family may offer rings Heritage
the family can hold the wedding rehearsal dinner
bride or her family can pay for bridesmaids dresses and accessories, the bride or her family can pay rent by the officers
flowers can be purchased by the family of the bride, the wife can give corsages for mothers and grandmothers
partner can cover all costs of the ceremony
a family can pay for photography and another for videography, boyfriends parents or partner may pay for additional copies
if the family can arrange transportation, child care, a welcome buffet for the guests of the city, and accommodation for participants of the city
grooms family may offer to share the costs of reception, or coverage of specific services (alcohol, musicians, etc.)
couple can buy thank-you gifts for family and friends and family who helped in the planning
Today, costs are shared among family members in a number of different ways. Costs could be divided equally between you, the parents of the groom and the bride's parents. You can also simply be divided among you as do many young people today.
This is one reason why it is important to plan your wedding day in advance. Some may resort to borrowing from credit cards. Be careful in this area because you do not, may have to pay for a wedding 10 years later. If you need a loan credit card, try to save all the money before the wedding so that you minimize the amount you need to borrow. And last but not least, shop around for the best price given the quality. This is another reason you need to plan ahead. You never know what can hide in the corner!
Written by:
Keisha Edwards
Wedding Consultant
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