What are the basic camping equipment necessities?

Camping is the perfect way to enjoy nature and the simple things in life. However, when it comes to camping equipment we often we tend to materialize and over pack, turning the camping experience into a somewhat stressful and potentially expensive situation. So just what are the basic camping equipment necessities for an inexpensive, yet comfortable weekend away?

A Tent
A comfortable reliable shelter is of utmost importance to making your camping experience enjoyable. Be sure to pack a sturdy, waterproof tent which is easy to assemble. Your tent should be large enough to place your mattress or sleeping gear in as well as your clothing.

A Comfortable Chair
Owning a comfortable camping chair will allow you to sit back for hours and relax, enjoying the outdoors. Camping chairs are wonderful for sitting around fires, taking on picnics, sidelines at sporting events and even for use on your back patio. Be sure to select a good quality folding camp chair which will last for years. There is a wide selection of camping chairs available from chairs with side tables to slingback lounge chairs depending on your personal needs or level of comfort.

A Cooking Grill
A cooking grill is a must for all your outdoor camping experiences. A cooking grill allows you to cook anywhere at any time of day regardless of fire restrictions or weather conditions. With a portable cooking grill you really are taking your kitchen to the outdoors. No longer do you have the hassle of having to pack enough fire wood for your cooking needs. Of course there are a variety of cooking grills for different purposes ranging from single fire burners to a more complex stove and grill combination. Selecting a cooking grill which personally suits your needs will allow you to cook effortlessly in the outdoors.

Camping is a popular and inexpensive way to see and experience the outdoors. Be sure to remember the basic camping equipment necessities, your camping tent, chair and cooking grill for a fuss free camping weekend away.

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