Weight Loss 101: Eating an HCG diet

"If you are interested in losing weight with HCG hormone therapy is also important to follow a special diet as well. By combining a reduced calorie diet to hormone therapy, you will be able to make the most of this weight loss program .
Reduce caloric intake
In order to follow the HCG diet correctly, you must reduce your calorie intake by just 500 calories a day. Obviously, you would be able to lose weight on a diet of 500 calories, even if they were not receiving hormone HCG. If you reduce the calories without the help of HCG, however, is likely to lose muscle and fat. Obviously, this is not healthy and will not cause a toned body.
HCG helps to prevent muscle loss as we reduce our consumption of calories. In addition, HCG makes it easier for you to reduce the amount of calories because it acts as an appetite suppressant. During the first days of the program, you may experience mild hunger after reducing your food consumption. In the second week, however, most people find small servings of food at very satisfactory. This is partly because the HCG helps to release stored fat calories these calories then circulate throughout the body. In addition, your hypothalamus makes adjustments to your metabolic rate, helping you feel full faster.
The diet plan
There have been some changes to the basic diet recommended for the HCG diet, but the diet plan of origin is as follows:
• Do not eat anything for breakfast. You can drink tea or coffee, but can not include sugar and you can have up to a tablespoon of milk within 24 hours. You can use Stevia or Saccharin.
• Lunch consists of 100 grams of either veal, chicken breast, beef, lobster, fresh white fish, shrimp, crab o. All fat must be removed before cooing the meat and everything must be weighed in the rough. It must be cooked on the grill or steam and without added fat. The meat must be accompanied by a vegetable. You can choose from the following vegetables:
or asparagus
beet greens or
or kale
or celery
or Chard
or chicory
or cucumbers
or fennel
or green salad
or onions
or red radishes
or spinach
or tomato
Lunch also consists of a thin piece of toast or bread sticks Grissino and an orange, an apple, half a grapefruit, or a handful of strawberries.
• Dinner is the same as lunch, although you are encouraged to mix and match the meats, vegetables and fruits you choose for each meal.
Other diet plans have been introduced since the beginning, that is, those that revolve around eating all organic foods. Therefore, it would be a good idea to read about other diet plans to determine which you think is best for you. "
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