A Travel Guide to the Majella's Blue Mountains, Italy

It is obvious why Italy is a popular tourist destination. It has so much variety to offer the visitor including ancient Roman sites and incredible historic myths and legends, fascinating cities, elegant and chic boutiques, excellent cuisine and flamboyant residents. In addition, it has some of the best coastal resorts and beaches in Europe, with a fantastic climate.

Abruzzo is located in the southern Adriatic and boasts that 30% of its land is protected by environmental legislation. It has 3 national parks, as well as a regional park and protected sites and nature reserves. The regional capital is L'Aquila which means "the eagle" and the city is dominated by its 16th century castle which is home to the national museum of Abruzzo. There are many religious and civic monuments from the medieval and renaissance periods worth visiting in the region. The coastal area of Abruzzo includes the popular resort of Pescara.

The coastal regions boast unspoilt and quiet beaches and the whole area remains relatively undiscovered and under developed by tourism. Abruzzo has 129 km of beaches, the best to visit being Fossacesia and Vasto Marina on its southern coast. Silvi Marina, Francavilla al Mare and Pineto are also good beaches and are located in the north of the region.

Chieti has a splendid archaeological museum housing artefacts including the famous Warrior of Capestrano, a 6th century BC funerary statue. In Teramo the visitor can visit the antepodium within its cathedral. The festival of serpents is held in Cocullo and brings thousands of visitors to the small village on the first Sunday each May.

Abruzzo has a wealth of folklore traditions, fine cuisine, excellent local cheeses and wines. There are numerous tours of local vineyards for the visitor to enjoy as well as excursions to the best known sites in the region. There are several winter ski resorts, including Roccaraso, Campo Felice and Campo Imperatore, all within 2 hours drive of Rome.

The region is also excellent for %LINK1%, horse riding and mountain climbing. The climate is typically Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters, although the higher altitudes offer excellent winter sports conditions. Regional cuisine is exceptional in Abruzzo and local dishes include prosciutto di cinghiale, local sheep's cheese, salami with honey and stewed beans with pork rind.

Abruzzo International Airport is located in Pescara and is served by several of the low cost airlines operating from London, Frankfurt and Barcelona. Mostly Ryan air from London. The A24, A25, A14 are the three motorways that access many coastal destinations and major cities and towns in Abruzzo.

It can also be accessed from Rome by train, with a wonderful journey through the Appenine valleys and picturesque towns. There is also a regular bus service running from Rome to L'Aquila, Pescara and Vasto. Car hire offers the visitor the opportunity for independent travel and with car rental Rome is a great place to begin the journey.

Authentic Walking Holidays in Majella's Blue Mountain
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