Top 5 Nursing Specializations

There are numerous specializations that nurses can go into once they finish school and begin working in the field. These nursing specializations can be categorized based on the setting that the nurse works in and the type of care they provide. Following are the top 5 nursing specializations categorized by work setting and type of care:
1.Ambulatory Care Nurses: After getting a BSN degree, you can choose to become an ambulatory care nurse. This involves treating patients with a variety of illnesses, conditions and injuries in any outpatient care setting.
2.Critical Care Nurses: These are the nurses who work in intensive care units, critical care units and even in helicopters en route to nearby facilities. They specialize in treating patients with serious issues such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or respiratory failure, including heart attacks and strokes.
3.Home Health Care Nurses: Many patients require specialized nursing services at home after they are recovering from extreme or complicated accidents, child births or surgeries. People with acute illnesses may also require home health care nurses who administer blood, fluids and medications while monitoring the patient's health on a daily basis. Sometimes this might be a short-term job, and other times it might be very long term, if the patient has a very serious condition requiring around the clock care.
4.Ob/Gyn Nurses: These are the RNs who work in maternity units and gynecologist's offices alongside doctors who care for women in their family planning and birthing processes.
5.Psychiatric Nurses: Many nurses in training are going to school to become psychiatric nurses because this is such a growing field. These nurses help treat patients who are suffering from mental conditions either in out-patient or in-patient settings. Their duties involve assisting psychiatric doctors, administering medications, and providing patient care.
Other top nursing specializations include radiologic nurses who provide care to patients undergoing diagnostic radiation procedures, holistic nurses who work with alternative medicines, rehabilitation nurses who work with patients who have temporary and permanent disabilities, and surgical nurses who work with surgeons during operations. These are all great fields to go into after you get your degree.

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