Things to know before hiring a charter bus

It is always a better choice to rent a charter bus for a long journey and especially for group travel. There are many benefits in taking a bus charter for small as well as large group journeys. The rental buses ease the inconvenience of getting from one place to another and they have excellent and comfortable seating arrangements for ensuring a relaxed journey. However, it is important to note certain points before taking the services from a charter bus company.

Before you book a rental bus, you must have proper planning and must know everything about the trip. The most important thing is that the idea of chartering bus would be appropriate for the trip. While seeking a charter plan, you must make sure that the plan goes well with your traveling times. If you have given thought for the time, then you would not end up wasting your money. Make it a point to collect the money for the trip from your group before booking the bus.

It is always better to book a charter bus three months in advance. This is because usually all the bus rental companies would be booked for weekends in March, April and May and other high seasons too. So it is best advised to rent a bus in advance. As soon as you plan the trip and confirm the dates, book the bus. Most of the companies would demand a 10% deposit on booking. This is better since the travel plans are subjected to last minute alterations and cancelations. By reserving the bus, your travel schedules would become more solid. If you are able to collect partial or even full amount from the group prior to the trip so that you won't be in a crisis at the end of the trip. Most of the charter bus companies allow beverages onboard but you would need to give a damage deposit. So that if the bus returns in a reasonable condition, the deposit would be refunded.

The bus drivers form an important part in determining the fun of the trip. Charter bus drivers are generally very friendly if you are dealing with them in equal way. Their attitude would largely influence the passengers and it is better advised to keep him in good spirits. Sometimes it would be good to offer him some tips during long journeys by which he would be kept satisfied.

The main advantages of charter bus would be the possibility of keeping the group together, room to watch movies, onboard bathroom, and air-conditioning. Each bus rental company would have their own type fleet. Usually the passenger capacity would be 47 to 57. There are mini coaches with 36 passenger capacity as well. For smaller groups, the mini bus would be appropriate. But they would not have bathrooms in all the coaches. They are good for city tours and similar trips. Most of the coaches would have TV monitors which plays DVD. There would be speakers so that everyone can listen. The buses would have amenities as well. The bus companies would show you sample pictures of the coaches and make sure you are satisfied with what they offer before booking the charter.

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