Santorini Nightlife – A Great Experience

The Island of Santorini is reputed for its lively and vivid night life. One can find all kind of Santorini Nightlife in Fira, Perissa, Oia and kamari, as these villages are very touristy and busy. Fira is regarded as the most popular and center of night life along with many café bars and clubs.

The night life of the Santorini becomes more active during the tourist season in Fira and also in other popular towns of Island. In Fira most of the bars and clubs are situated around the main square of the town. In comparison to other Greek party island the price is not that cheap in Fira. Oia is one of the popular places for lively night life. Oia is also well known worldwide for its just married couples and breath taking sunsets. This is the reason why OIA is so romantic with full of café-bars and night clubs.

The real charm of Santorini night life can be found in Fira and Kamari. Here you can find modern nightlife which includes large number of bars and clubs with various kinds of music such as pop, rock, jazz and classical to entertain the visitors. In order to provide unforgettable views of Island, many bars, clubs or entertaining venues are located by the sea with beautiful arrangement so that the visitors can spend few of their good time. There are lots of quaint bars and cafes in Oia where one can sip coffee or drink while enjoying the romantic sunset and the caldera.

Fira is the center of night life on the Island of Santorini. Especially in Fira and Oia the evening starts with dinner. After dinner the night life of Santorini become very active in dancing clubs, bars, tourist resorts and discos located in popular towns such as Fira, Kamari and Oia.

Santorini is busy with numorous tavernas and restaurants. For this reason dining is one of the most popular activities in Santorini nightlife that serves delicious local dishes such as grilled fish, fava and many more. Santorini wine also has a reputation for it's unique taste and aroma, which you can find in local dine. These local tavernas and restaurants are less expensive and quality food is also very good.

Buy participating in Santorini night life you can realize the local custom of the Island. Between the end of August and beginning of September you can attend the international music festival of Santorini with music shows and various art activities. This festival has been organized in Fira.

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