Reduce Speaking Public Speaking Fear Fast: How Greeting the Audience Increases Confidence and Evapor

You can reduce speaking fear fast with a simple technique. It will even help you speak without fear.

Imagine its 20 minutes before you are to give your prepared speech. Are you nervous, sweating, and have shaky knees? Do you wish you were somewhere else and did not have to suffer through possible stage fright?

Most speakers hang out backstage or sit in their seats feeling nervous about the presentation. However, the pro's stand at the door and greet the audience. They shake peoples hands, smile, and make small talk.

Why? They know how powerful this for reducing public speaking fear, anxiety, and nervousness. Even helps those who have speaking phobia.

Greet People at the Door to Help You Speak Without Fear

If I don't have a chance to greet people at the door, I'll go out into the audience, chat, and say "Hello". Sometimes, I'll just stand near the front and crack jokes with the people on the front row. Maybe you are just speaking to 10 co-workers. Make small talk beforehand with the people around you.

This technique is very powerful for calming your nerves and connecting with the audience. Here are 7 reasons why this is a powerful speaking tip:

* It warms the audience up so they are more receptive to you.

* Your interaction will raise the energy level in the room. An energized room is a great atmosphere for a speech.

* It reduces your fear and nervousness and gives you a chance to shake out some butterflies

* It helps you view the audience as real individuals and not a mob of critics hoping you'll fail (subconsciously it is easy for a speaker to think this).

* It can help energize you, so that you give a better presentation.

* It impresses the meeting planner or manager so you'll either be asked back or at the minimum earn brownie points with people in power.

* It helps you customize your speech. As you are interacting you may learn that someone just got back from a Caribbean cruise. You may mention that in your speech. This will help you connect with the audience. However, don't ever share personal info about people on stage.

I overheard a performer says one time, "If they like you in the parking lot, they will find a way to like you on stage. However, if they don't like you in the parking lot, they'll find something not to like on stage."

In other words if you are rude to people off stage, they will find something wrong with your stage performance. However, if you leave a great impression off stage, they will find something to like about you on stage.

Try this next time you speak. Mingle with the audience. You'll find that this simple public speaking technique will energize the room, enhance your presentation, and help you connect. You will overcome your public speaking fear, nervousness, and anxiety. You'll be one step closer to speaking without fear and reducing speaking fear fast.

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