Red Hot Cancun Nightlife

During the day its hot sun and hot sand, but at night its the Cancun Nightlife thats hot, with some of these Cancun Clubs well known all over the world.

So while your hotel may offer live music, and freebie drinks, you will miss out on the main action if you do not get out and visit 1 or 2 or these clubs, to check out the Cancun nightlife.

Senor Frogs (Km 9.5) is a restaurant by day and a disco by night, after 11 pm it changes to a bar and dance club with a capacity for about 1500.

Senor Frogs bar staff keep things moving with contests, routines, and karaoke, while reggae music alternates with the latest hot DJ tunes to keep the throng swaying.

Senor Frogs is a very visual place, with funky out-of-place objects, its amphibian frontman, great lighting effects and amazing graphics.

Dady'O has DJs backed by great light and sound shows that make sure the crowds stay happy all night long, and keep this place near the top of the Cancun nightlife list, and makes this a must visit place.

Thursday night is Miss Hawaiian Night at Dady'O and Friday night its back to the 80s and 90s with all your dance and party oldies

Cancun nightlife has given birth to the Dady Rock Bar and Grill, which I rate as one of the best, with live music, open bar, buffet dining, and dancing.

At Dady Rock Tuesday night is the hot legs contest, Thursday night is ultra popular with its *Wet Body Contest*, and ladies, you get your turn on Sunday when its the *Hot Male Contest*.

One of the newer Cancun Nightlife clubs is the Bulldog, with 3 levels and a huge stage for the live acts, which tend to lean more to the Rock side of things, but they also go into salsa, hip-hop and of course, the latest chart stuff as well.

The Bulldog is a pretty big place and can cater for about 2000 people and offers a fantastic light and sound show to keep the Cancun party crowd moving.

There are a couple of options on the Bulldogs door, you can opt for the *All You Can Drink" or just go by the glass, and they will also cater for large private parties and their food ain't bad either.

Coco Bongo, this award winning Cancun Club has featured in several magazines including Rolling Stone and Playboy, and I think it was called *the planets ultimate nightclub* on CNN, go figure.

Coco Bongo is a multi level venue that holds about 1800, and its a get up and bop type of place, and caters for just about every type of music taste as well, with DJs grinding out Rock & Roll, Trance, Pop, Dance music, 70's & 80's, Techno, and the Hispanic Billboard.

You may have to wait in line for entrance to Coco Bongo but with a dazzling light show, and huge video screens blazing through the soap bubbles and balloons, it is definitely worth the hassle and cost, as this Cancun Club Hotspot will cost you between $40 and $50 for entrance depending on which night it is.

The City is possibly the newest and most advanced of the Cancun clubs, this is a 3 level club, lounge, restaurant, and beach club, that does quite a bit of hosting for MTV, with a sprawling complex, providing a non-stop venue, with a cost of about $40 for entrance.

La Boom is maybe the best known of all the Cancun Nightlife clubs, it is a constant swarming mass of swirling parties, it comes split into 2 areas, the video bar and then a 2 level disco with a great light show and music to keep things moving well into the early hours, however, admission cost varies depending on the special of the night, and the bar staff may require a tip BEFORE they will serve you.

Up & Down is home of the Cancun nightlife foam parties, with all the latest dance trends playing in its specially designed dance floor, which holds foam up to chest level.

Loads of atmosphere make Carlos *n* Charlies a great Cancun Club on a nightly basis, in addition to the typical bar food, the place is also a dance club, quite often with live music, and the bartending staff are some of the best around, and will certainly help you get in the party mood.
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