Penny stocks-make money every day guaranteed

Many penny stock traders are drawn to Penny stock trading for the big gains. We try and attract people who really want large gains in addition to change the way they think. A day investor could possibly get a 10%-20% return in a few minutes then simply take the revenue and run! Why don't you take it and then make a profit on a different stock? Just how long will it require a large cap stock trading at $40 to advance to $48? At best you are looking for at the least two days, then again usually more like 14 days! Most penny-stock traders wait for a 20 percent gain to develop into fifty percent, ordinarily giving back all the money they made in the mean time. Should you trade our penny stock picks and take our approach of locking in profits and closing positions your member account will EXPLODE! That said, does deliver some gigantic gains, nevertheless we only want our members to sustain a position if the penny stock provides a lot of momentum. You won't hear us suggesting to sit on a position which is heading nowhere, which happens to be typical of any stock promoter. Penny stock investing ripoffs are the key reason why it is very important avoid becoming hitched to Penny Stocks. In contrast to NASDAQ plus the NYSE, you will discover only minimal prerequisites for a penny stock to be quoted on the OTCBB, namely that they make their particular filings with the SEC on time. For this reason i suggest you trade these kinds of stocks rather than invest in them. Firms that are not able to meet listing prerequisites on major exchanges are likely to be de-listed. The same will not be true with Pink Sheet stocks or OTCBB. Numerous investors get sucked in by pump and dumpers and continue to keep a stock for a longer stretch of time. Paid stock promoters typically send out counterfeit price targets while teaming up with the corporation on releasing news. It will always be very complicated to uncover info on penny stock investing businesses which makes it hard to carry a positionFor more info on NO BS penny stocks visit: Day trading penny stocksOther great articles: