Paris Rooftop Pod Hotel

Going to Paris this autumn? Have you already booked your Paris accommodation? Whether or not you have, make sure to keep one night free in order to stay in this marvellous creation. Oh, and make sure you book now as there is already a ridiculously high demand! On the 1st of November until the 28th of December, the Rooftop Pod Hotel comes to Paris and will be sitting its self on the top of the capital's Palais de Tokyo modern art museum (a very appropriate choice I must say). So, what can you expect to find in this place of which I speak so highly? Read on and find out…….

This travelling invention is a one-room hotel come art work, and was first created by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann for the 2002 Swiss expo. Arriving in Paris in November, on its return from Switzerland and Leipzig, the travelling one room hotel mixes modern art and accommodation for the benefit of well, anyone who is willing to pay 333 euros a night for it , and 444 euros on the weekend. Reservations are strictly kept to one per couple as demand is so high.

The interior of the pod comprises of a bedroom with a king-size bed, a bathroom and a lounge; all stylishly decorated in an array of retro colours. The accessories rather resemble an Austin Powers film scene; a fully stocked mini-bar, a fully functional retro record player and a collection of LP's to play on it. For one night, you can live life like the famous spy of the 70s while looking over the Seine and down towards the Eiffel Tower. Not like most other Paris hotels, this one-off creation really is worth the money.

By day the pod, named ‘Everland', is converted into an art studio; open to the visitors of the Tokyo museum. This is a much cheaper alternative to staying the night; you get to visit the pod, have a walk around, and admire the artwork, all at the fraction of the price. If staying at the pod, you can have the privilege of adding or changing the d├ęcor of the place; getting away with the towels, adding to the record collection and leaving messages in the guest book for future guests are all encouraged activities.

So there you have it, the wonder that is the Evergreen Rooftop Pod Hotel. Much better than any apartment in Paris. The Pod is on a world tour until the end of 2008, making its final stay in Paris in November. Soon, in a city near you!
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