Night Life in Dublin

Dublin is the city that actually knows how to celebrate and rejoice. It is loaded with more pubs and bars per square mile than you could imagine. Yes! Dublin is crowded with pubs and its nightlife is unrivalled in entire Europe and anywhere in Ireland. Whatever your taste or budget, Dublin delivers; from the super posh to the absolute economical, night owls are blessed with a truly mixed bar scene. Whether you want to amuse yourself like the locals, catch first-class DJs or are just in need of some late night pits, the city will not let you down. Sink into the drinks with old and new friends, listen to the rocking music or play some pool - Dublin's pubs present the wonderful sporty night out.
The prominent difference between the lives of a British man and an Irish person is the time to work and play. British believe in "early to bed and early to rise" that's why they rise and sleep much earlier than Irish people. Dublin's clubs and bar scene comes to life when the sun goes down and day light starts to fade. This city is a hive of action in the evening and at night. The clubs stay open till the early hours, particularly on weekends. Irish call themselves night creatures. The visitors can experience one of the most exciting and energetic night atmospheres.
One of the leading changes in Dublin's social life over the last few years is the emergence of fashionable bars and dance clubs all over the city, but you cannot smoke there. Most of Dublin's pubs are located in Temple Bar, even though this piece of the city is almost totally populated with visitors 365 days a year.
Enjoy the public, the local music and the culture on the dance floor. Like most big cities, club nights come and go and move around in Dublin to create that sense of 'scene'. There are a large number of clubs that can be relied upon for a massive night out with music by the top local and international DJs. The eclectic nature of Dublin is perhaps best highlighted by the wonderful range of nightspots that seem to be like sprinkled on the streets and laneways throughout the city. Dublin club and night scene is always going through fluctuations. There's always something fresh to check out. This city will never let you down.
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