Jacobsen techniques of relaxation

The Jacobsen relaxation techniques are also referred to as progressive muscles relaxation. They are techniques to manage stress, and were developed in 1920s by Edmund Jacobsen. He stated that muscle tension goes hand-in-hand with anxiety, and by reducing the muscle tension, anxiety can be reduced as well. This is a very famous method, and many therapists vouch for it and follow Jacobsen's techniques to date. 

You can follow Jacobsen's methods of handling and managing stress, and relax your muscles, right from the comfort of your home. Jacobsen's technique is basically a 2-step process, and involves relaxing and tensing various muscles.

With continuous practice, you will understand which muscles are directly linked to relaxation, and which have a close connection to stress and anxiety.

You will also come to know which muscles you need to relax to overcome stress. 

Deep breathing is an exercise that can be used simultaneously with the Jacobsen's techniques of relaxation. As said earlier, the primary concern of Jacobsen's relaxation technique is to tense and then relax the muscles at a point of time. Deep breathing can be performed while you inhale while the contraction of your muscles take place, and exhale while they are being relaxed. 

You must take utmost care that the clothing you have put on is very
comfortable. Also try not to keep the footwear on, which will account for better relaxation. Relax yourself, and take deep breaths. Don't concentrate on any issues while you do that. Once this is done, you can commence Jacobsen's relaxation techniques. It is generally recommended to begin from the feet and move upwards. The start should be made from the right foot, then proceed to the left, and then to the calves, thighs and so on. 

To gain the most out of this exercise, focus primarily on the group of muscles you are working on. When you tense those muscles, you must inhale, be steady for about 10 seconds, and then slowly start exhaling as those muscles are relaxed, till they feel loosened up.

This process should be repeated as you work right till the upper part of your body. 

As a recommendation, the muscles listed below can be worked with: feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, lower back, biceps, triceps, hands, neck and face, i.e., from the bottom to the top. The pattern may be tampered with, but following it brings continuity. 

The basic fundament behind Jacobsen's relaxation techniques is to get
yourself familiar with which muscles are used while you are tensed, and relaxed. This will make you realize which area to take care of when you feel stressed.

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