The Importance Of Pure Water In The Master Cleanse And Other Tips

The Importance of Pure water

One of the chief ingredients used in the master Cleanse program is water. Because water is plentiful everywhere, we tend to take it for granted. However many of us do not realize that availability does not equal purity. In fact most of the water that we drink is mixed with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. We know that chlorine is used to kill bacteria in the water so imagine what it can do to our bodies' cells. To help make the master Cleanse more effective, use pure water during the lemonade preparation. This will put less stress on your body and help to speed up the purging of toxics from the body.

Tip #1: Minimizing the Side effects of the Cleansing process

Some of the possible side effects which you will face while doing the master Cleanse programs are headache and bad breath. This is due to the fact that your body is undergoing a purification process expelling all the toxics which are harmful to your health. As the body tries to purge all the toxics from the internal organs, the blood system will carry away all these toxics for removal. Headaches and bad breath are the sure signs that the master Cleanse program is working for you. To help minimize all these side effects, try to consume more water to help speed up the purification process.

Tip #2: Reducing the Soreness in the mouth

During the Master Cleanse Program, your body will start to purge all the accumulated toxics inside the organs. Toxics are removed through the bowels and as well as through the pores of the skin. Beside from skin rashes, it is also to be expected that you will develop sores inside the mouth. Rinse your mouth with water after drinking the Master Cleanse lemonade. This will help to reduce the acidity inside your mouth and reduces the soreness that you may be feeling. In addition to rinsing, you should also drink more water so that the flow of toxic from inside the body can be sped up. Once your body has removed sufficient toxics, the side effects will subside.

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