Data Recovery Tips

Data recovery is easy if you are the perfect connoisseur of anal retentive that supports your files on an hourly basis 24 / 7 365. Unfortunately, it only describes less than 1% of the population. If you are one of the other 99% here are the techniques you can use to make sure you do not lose valuable data.
If you work on a modern word processor like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer is a button that you really need to know. It is very easy if you use a laptop touchpad to accidentally delete an unlimited number of words written in the last month to save the document. There is a special tool to help us all stupid, it is called Undo. Located in Word and Writer in the top left icon next to Save, Undo, you can retrieve the text you've deleted accidentally.
To recover a file you deleted, is simple Windows-based systems. When you delete an item, first moved to the Windows Recycle Bin. This will continue to direct the vacuum system. The recovery of an item in the Recycle Bin is so simple as a click of your mouse. Just click Restore all items, and moved to its original location on your computer.

If you emptied the trash, and always wants to retrieve a file, all is not lost. Windows did not delete a file to be deleted, but simply flip a switch signaling bits in the system that this space is available. If your hard drive has a lot of empty space, is likely to remain intact for some time, which means that you can recover. While Windows itself does not have a utility to recover a lost file in this way, there are software vendors that offer multiple third-party products that can perform this service. There are also a number of suppliers without claiming that their products can do the job, but it is better to see all open claims with great skepticism.
Of course, the best way to recover lost files is to use the Windows Backup at least once a week. If you accidentally delete the file and delete it from the trash, you can retrieve the backup file, if you remember to include your backup folder of documents every week. The best way to never lose a file you want is to understand how the process of deleting files in Windows works.
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