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NDC has established itself as a trusted supplier of IT products and services to individual buyers, small businesses, schools and government corporations alike With over 10 years experience in the IT industry. services to individual buyers, small businesses, schools and government corporations alike.New Dimension Computers was formed in 1999 and fast became an established supplier of desktop PC systems and components nationwide. With a business model that included retail channels such as eBay, local computer fairs and national mail order it became an established supplier to many.
With strong industrial links and heavy investment in new technology, NDC is now a reliable service center and reseller of branded products. We are primarily geared to supplying on a trade basis to small shops/retail outlets but also supply in bulk all over the world. With such a strong foothold we are also able to supply products to individual consumers at highly competitive prices.
With the downturn in the PC industry, NDC was formed in 2003 to explore new markets. From its concept it won numerous awards for its products in the national press and has now settled to be a reputable and consistent supplier of refurbished products.

Following are some of the strong plea why should the customer buy from us
1.We have Trusted PowerSeller on eBay with over 6500 feedback.
2.We have The largest retailer in local computer fairs hosted by NCM, (Manchester).
3.All stock listed online is physically onsite with us, not listed through "feeds" from other suppliers.
4.Here every kind of IT product can be found on various prices, like Cheap Laptops, Cheap Dell Laptop, Refurbished Laptops and Dell XPS.
So any types of IT Products can be bought by the customer here on very reasonable prices.

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