Amy Biddle

Living in Synchronicity with the Universe

I've always loved the movies where someone says, "Synchronize watches!" A team of heroes would have to split up to do their individual jobs, but to complete their common mission successfully, they had to work in synchronicity. I think I must have enjoyed ... Read >

Experiments in the Science of Mind

In any science experiment, you take a situation, change something about it, and measure the effect of your action on the situation. When you're a kid, you might start with a still cup of vinegar, add baking soda, and be delighted when the vinegar bubbles ... Read >

The Trinity of Body Mind Soul

We are all spiritual beings, each of us with the gift of a body, mind, and soul. When we are not very aware of our essentially spiritual nature, we tend to identify ourselves as just one thing or the other. Some of us think we are this body that does thin... Read >

H.A.L.T. for Stress Relief

Carrie was on the verge of a meltdown when she called her friend Sarah. "Tom just called. He's stuck at work for three more hours! I know he can't help it, but I'm about to blow! I am exhausted. I just finally got Sam down for his nap, and now the baby wo... Read >

Your Natural State of Mind

Whether we know it consciously or not, one of our deepest longings as human beings is to have inner peace. What do I mean by that? Inner peace is a state of feeling well and at ease, no matter what our circumstances. Actually, inner peace is our default s... Read >

Guided Meditation

Just as there are many teachers, there are a wide variety of guided meditations. Ideally, their goal is to allow you to be both alert and relaxed, while your guide draws your attention to that which is larger, grander, and wiser than yourself. Through reg... Read >

The Long Arm of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction gives simple directions to fine tune your life.

When you were about 18 months old, you probably conducted research on the law of gravity. Again and again, you dropped things from your high chair to see if they'd fall to the floor... Read >

The Power of Goal Setting

Goal setting is a tool to use to have more fun in life.

Life is perfect as it is. It is perfectly itself, whole and complete, lacking nothing.

That may seem like a funny way to begin an essay on goal setting. "If my life is fine the way it is," yo... Read >

Mapping Your Own Spiritual Journey

Here's an important installment in the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, as adapted from Joseph Campbell. It's a wonderful story of humanity's spiritual journey. The Knights and their King were challenged to find the Grail in the mi... Read >

In Favor of A Positive Attitude

What's the big deal about a positive attitude?

You've heard of how-to articles, but this is a why-to article. Why is it so important to develop the ability to choose a positive attitude , no matter what?

We Westerners have a tendency to worship th... Read >

Spiritual Healing- Nothing Special

Let's be honest. A lot of people think that spiritual healing is a little "woo-woo." Look at it logically, though, and I think you'll agree it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Health is your natural state of being. It's your default setting. As soon as ... Read >

To Be Loved As To Love

Ernie Larson, author of "Stage II Recovery" and other works, uses a wonderful metaphor for relationships. If you picture yourself as a telephone pole, he says, and the other person as a telephone pole, you can see your relationship as the line strung betw... Read >

A Daily Refreshment

Half an hour's meditation is essential except when you are very busy. Then, a full hour is needed. --Francis de Sales

Meditation is one of those things in life that benefits you the most when you want to do it the least. It is a practice that helps to... Read >

Teaching the Body Health

Quantum physics continues to make believers out of scientists and informs spirituality.

Most of us grew up believing what scientists believed. We "knew" that a cell's nucleus contained its DNA, that DNA contains genetic material, and that the nucleus o... Read >

Lonely No More

Loneliness is the absence of self. Solitude is fullness of self. --May Sarton

When you feel lonely, it seems that loneliness is the truth of your whole existence. You may have experienced love and friendly camaraderie just yesterday, but now it seems... Read >