10 Easy Tips Towards a Beautifully Scented Home

The very first thing you notice when you arrive in anybody's home is the way it smells. This is probably a good thing to remember when you take care of your own house or apartment, if you want guests to feel welcome and comfortable that is. Or, just for your own wellbeing of course. There are ten easy fragrance tips you can follow towards a beautifully scented home.

10 Clean: Clean, clean, clean. It may sound like housekeeping 101, but before you introduce any scented products make sure you have your daily cleaning routines down too. Preventing odors from ever happening is after all, the best way to keep your home smelling great.

9. Soap fragrance: Adding scented soaps to specific rooms in your home may seem like an obvious step. You may not think of the difference a nice vanilla coconut soap can make for your bathroom, or a nice peach soap for your kitchen - but it can make the whole room smell lovely. Especially when used in combination with other home fragrances. Sabon® for example has a lovely Dulce de Leche soap that would make any guest bathroom proud.

8. Natural air: Sometimes we forget what a bit of fresh, circulating air, can do for our homes. Open up your windows, and let the fresh outside air come in. It will do wonders for your mood and will help naturally air out unwelcome home odors.

7. Drawer liner: Line your drawers, closets and cabinets with scented paper. Scented drawer liners in classic, subtle scents make everything from towels, to linens and clothing smell exquisitely - indirectly adding a lovely, fresh feeling all around your home. A perfect example would be the fresh, crisp Rose Drawer Liner from Sabon.

6. Flowers: Don't forget to bring in fresh flowers. If you are unsure of what flowers are right, ask your florist about what is in season and follow your instinct when it comes to scents you like.

5. Fresh Herbs: Add fresh herbs to your kitchen. You will be surprised what a pot of fresh rosemary or oregano or basil will do for the smell of entire whole cooking area.

4. Scented candles: One of the most timeless and tested home fragrance methods is lighting scented candles. The best candle fragrance are made from natural ingredients such as oils and beeswax, and will not only add to your home atmosphere but will also kill unwelcome home odors and introduce new, fresh scents. Consider flavors such as orange for your kitchen or lavender for your bedroom.

3. House Doors: Inside your home, try to leave doors open between rooms. Circulation inside the home is almost as important as opening your windows and will help your best fragrances move around to treat the entire house or apartment.

2. Aromatherapy oil: To add more ambiance to any room, add oil burners with aromatherapy oils. Made from ceramic or glass, these natural mood enhancers will lift spirits and create a cozy atmosphere even in the most impersonal space. The best fragrance oils come in pure scents such as coconut or ginger or lavender and they work beautifully in combination with subtly scented candles or reed diffusers, creating an inviting scent for your home.

1. Scent diffuser: Establish a continual fragrance diffusion system that sets the tone for your entire home. Diffuser reeds are new, modern ways of scenting your living environment. Sustainable bamboo sticks effortlessly distributes the finest fragrances, without any work on your part they make your home look and smell elegant for months on end.

Calley Forrest is an experienced beautician and enjoys writing on refreshing and mood-enhancing products. However, she focuses on practical beauty products and fragrances in general.